Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Robertson Calls for Chavez Murder: God's Sixth Commandment Not Good Enough for Anti-Christ-ist Crackpot Right

What did you all expect? There are only two sides to this story: abortion on demand for the fully-grown post-born is just another virtuous aspect of "Intelligent Design" to Crackpot- Christ-ist Talibangelical televangeloquist Pat "Rev. Assassin" Robertson. Pregnancy termination for sentient beings so small that they can't survive on their own outside the womb, is, for these nuts, and according to "Peppermint Patty" Justice-in-waiting Roberts' notion, a massive screaming tragedy quite unlike the loss of life for Americans and Iraqis in Iraq.

Women forced by the government to carry to term pregnancies they know they can't properly care for--who cares? That's no damn tragedy. We like them girls barefoot and pregnant. Unwanted children--it's not as if they grow up to be murderers and serial killers, is it? Oh wait a minute. Yes, they do. Oopsie. Never mind.

You get it now? Fetuseses too small to live outside a woman's womb and embryoeses stuck in petri dishes--these are objects worthy of compassion.

Whereas, it's fine to fry these same embryoes once they're all grown up, in the electric chair, being shot, by injection, whatever, because now they deserve it.

It's fine to send these deserving, grown-up embryoes off to kill and die in war, even for lies and stupidity--they now don't deserve our compassion, nor do their bereaved moms.

Once these little embryoes grow up to be the the full-grown President of Venezuela, it's morally fine to assassinate them, should we have the urge.

This is what I mean about the American Taliban Crackpot Christ-ists. They must never have graduated from Sunday school.

The Sixth Commandment was too far down on the list for them to pay attention to it, maybe that's why they're so hot to have it posted in public places, they have such a hard time remembering what they actually say.

These Old Testamentarian "believers"--they can't keep the ten commandments, and they apparently have overlooked the actual life and the actual words of compassionate liberal Jesus.

Beatitudes? Nah. The Golden Rule? Pussy.

Not taking life?

What, you kidding? You expect loudmouth Pat Robertson to practice what he preaches?



Anonymous said...

Robertson should do it himself..

Hookah Saisha

No Blood for Hubris said...

I'm sure he'd have no problema with acting out what he perceives to be the will of God.

This is the culture of life (sic) kinda guy who prays and gets his koolaid-drinkers to pray for deaths on the Supreme Court. Amen!

Colton Satterthwaite said...

What it could be useful for?

No Blood for Hubris said...

What could what be useful for?