Monday, December 26, 2005

Democracy's On The March, Minus Freedom of Speech

Here, a charming story from the NYT called "Professors' Politics Draw Lawmakers Into the Fray."

Blonde, buxom, passionately committed Republican activist Jennie Mae Brown
"told her Pennsylvania state representative, Gibson C. Armstrong, that she felt a physics professor's comments in the classroom about President Bush and Iraq were inappropriate.

"How could this happen?" Ms. Brown [whined to] Representative Gibson C. Armstrong two summers ago, complaining about a physics professor . . . [who] used class time to belittle President Bush and the war in Iraq. As an Air Force veteran, Ms. Brown said she felt the teacher's comments were inappropriate for the classroom."

Is there a "Thou Shalt Not Belittle President Bush" clause in the Bill of Rights now? Did Karl Rove actually manage to white-out the First Amendment, that dicey Freedom of Speech thing?

But wait. It gets better.

The encounter has blossomed into an official legislative inquiry, putting Pennsylvania in the middle of a national debate spurred by conservatives over whether public universities are promoting largely liberal positions and discriminating against students who disagree with them.

You heard that right. The very same [buxom blonde Bushist fascist] activist Republican, Jennie Mae, who is complaining about her professor expressing his political views seems the spearhead of a movement complaining that librul academic people are being mean to [Bushist fascists] for airing their [inherently stupid Bushist fascist] Republican views; thus, them libruls should all shut up, and, via Rovian reality, have only the [Bushist fascists] be allowed to speak, sort of like in Bubble Boy's lockdown political rallies.

A committee held two hearings last month in Pittsburgh and has scheduled another for Jan. 9 in Philadelphia. A final report with any recommendations for legislative remedy is due in June.

The investigation comes at a time when David Horowitz, a conservative commentator and president of the Center for the Study of Popular Culture, has been lobbying more than a dozen state legislatures to pass an "Academic Bill of Rights" that he says would encourage free debate and protect students against discrimination for expressing their political beliefs.

That would be protecting activist Republican students against being discriminated against for airing their [stupid Bushist fascist] views while seeking the quash the expression of [intelligent, manly, triumphant] liberal/progressive viewpoints.

Very nice. The merry band of Rovians, having eliminated liberal/progressive viewpoints from the Media Whore Media, eroded them on public television, are trying to wipe out liberal/progressive viewpoints in academia, justifying it through a zombie Fairness Doctrine, a concept Reichwingers scuttled so they could freely foul the public airwaves with their very special brand of vitriol.

Perish the thought that there are more Democrats than Republicans on college campuses because there are more smart people than stupid people on college campuses, and that smart people are more likely to have liberal/progressive views because they're smart, while stupid people are more likely to be loudmouth greedy sexist Bushist fascist hysterics who can't tell a loofah from a felafel.

[All sexist comments in this post were intentional & for informational purposes only.}


enigma4ever said...

sexist comments? hmmmm... I didn't see any...She is just a lovely Aryan youmg patriotic girl doing her patriotic best....she does look a bit like Dear Leader's daughter Jenna...Bet she flick's her hair like the best of them...and giggles...

Geez....and I was thinking of going back to school..but my patience with "this" is so thin...

Thanks for telling us about this...

No Blood for Hubris said...

Comments that called attention to her hair color and figure in a way that suggests she's a stacked dumb blonde and therefore not worth listening to.

Anonymous said...

I'd hit it.