Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It's Spring. Must Be Time for More All-American Abu Ghraib Torture/Humiliation Pix

Personally, one feels definitely sure that Jesus Christ definitely would torture definitely naked men who are seemingly covered in their own feces. Thanks to their Christian captors. You know, the values guys. And gals.

See how very quaint are the Genevas? To wit:
humane treatment of prisoners of war

Prisoners of war must be humanely treated at all times. Any unlawful act which causes death or seriously endangers the health of a prisoner of war is a grave breach of the Geneva Conventions. In particular, prisoners must not be subject to physical mutilation>, biological experiments, violence, intimidation, insults, and public curiosity. (Convention III, Art. 13)

Prisoners of war must be interred on land, and only in clean and healthy areas. (Convention III, Art. 22)

Prisoners of war are entitled to the same treatment given to a country’s own forces, including total surface and cubic space of dormitories, fire protection, adequate heating and lighting, and separate dormitories for women. (Convention III, Art. 25)

Prisoners of war must receive enough food to maintain weight and to prevent nutritional deficiencies, with account of the habitual diet of the prisoners. Food must not be used for disciplinary purposes. (Convention III, Art. 26)

Prisoners of war must receive adequate clothing, underwear and footwear. The clothing must be kept in good repair and prisoners who work must receive clothing appropriate to their tasks. (Convention III, Art. 27)

Prisoners of war must receive adequate medical attention. (Convention III, Art. 30)

Prisoners of war must receive due process and fair trials. (Convention III, Art. 82 through Art. 88)

Collective punishment for individual acts, corporal punishment, imprisonment without daylight, and all forms of torture and cruelty are forbidden. (Convention III, Art. 87)

Kkeep in mind--there's more fun spring pix yet to come. The Department of Defense has pretty much given up trying to hide them, as others in the military who view the Geneva Conventions as non-quaint, have been leaking said pics and videos to the media.

When the DOD was still actively trying to prevent the world from seeing the effects of Rummy's "gloves-off-green-light-for torture" policy, their lawyers used this precious rationale:
Attorneys for the government had argued that turning over visual evidence of abuse would violate the United States' obligations under the Geneva Conventions, but the ACLU, supported by experts in international law, said that obscuring the faces and identifiable features of the detainees would address any potential privacy concerns.
Yes, just like the reichwing blowhard spinners said, it's not the actual torture and humiliating treatment that violates the Geneva Conventions, but the showing of the pictures that's the problem. Yes, and they're so concerned all of a sudden about not violating the quaint Genevas. A late enlightenment.

My favorite part has always been the Bushists' deliberate creation of an absolutely new species of humans--that would be sub-humans: "the terrists" -- who no longer deserve humane treatment, because they're just, well, insufficiently human.

(You know, sort of like Jews seemed to Hitler. Like educated people seemed to the Khmer Rouge. They just ain't yoo-man).

There is this little problem about the ritually polluted victims being sacrificed at Gitmo and Abu Ghraib turning out to be not Osama-types at all but goat-herders and truckers in fact, but well never mind. Someone's got to be the container of our psychologically-projected evil, do they not?

You betcha.


Jeremy said...

I think when conservatives say they support torture (you know, one of the cornerstones of smaller government they preach about), they tend to think it as "revenge," rather than an interrogation tactic.

As in "torture those fuckers, they flew planes into our buildings."

Instead, they miss the point of how bad an interrigation tactic torture is. It produces meaningless shit and false, inaccurate confessions, finds many a study.

It's not just about "not being cruel," its about interrigating properly and getting better info from your enemy.

No Blood for Hubris said...

I quite agree with you. I think, as an interrogation tactic, torture is really stupid. People will say frickin' ANYTHING their tormentors want in order to stop the pain.

I mean, duh--how hard is that to figure out?

I also agree that torture here is being used as form of vile, low-life vengeance. As when one's boss chews you out, you get mad, you can't kick your boss so you kick your available and defenseless puppy instead.

I think the whole Iraq War was supported out of sheer vengeance to get back at somebody, anybody for 9/11.

However, morally speaking, torture -- as in deliberately inflicting pain for the sake of inflicting pain -- and getting off on it -- is wrong. And sick. Big-time.

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