Monday, March 13, 2006

Mad Cow, Alabama

WASHINGTON - A cow in Alabama has tested positive for mad cow disease, the Agriculture Department confirmed Monday, the third case in the U.S. . .

A routine test last week had indicated the presence of the disease. Results were confirmed by more detailed testing at a government laboratory in Ames, Iowa, Clifford said.

U.S. investigators have found two previous cases of mad cow disease. The first was in December 2003 in a Canadian-born cow in Washington state. The second was last June in a cow that was born and raised in Texas.

Different types of tests indicated the presence of mad cow disease. Two versions of the initial "rapid" screening test suggested the cow had the disease, and a more detailed Western blot confirmed that finding.
Full story here.

Now, why am I thinking that if we had a government that didn't have a death-wish by Grover Norquistian bathtub drowning, maybe there would have been strict regulations in place that would have prevented these THREE cases of mad cow in the United States? And however many more to come?

And if we had a party in charge that believed in regulations and the rule of law, as opposed to believing in the Conservo-American Idol, Deregulation, which pretty much means believing in greed-fueled lawlessness? As in Enron, and, all the rest of the windfall profits over people industries? Ring a bell?

Oh, but that would be a nannystate, and we don't want to be pussy girlie nannystaters, do we? No, we prefer the every man for himself, social Darwinian (although we don't believe in Darwin), survival of the fittest, cull the weak from the herd (unless they're braindead and on life support), muy macho, I don't need no stinkin' regulations culture of life "'n" death from preventable diseases.

(Pound on chest here, making simian noises).

People who don't believe in government--all the neo-con krypto-anarchists--shouldn't be in government.

"If they have no wonks, why, then--let them clear brush!"


enigma4ever said...

great, disgusting-gag-me post...good work ;-)

( I am putting you on my Blog Round Up next week- if that is okay with you...)

No Blood for Hubris said...

Many thanks.

Kvatch said...

The cow is now under treatment from top-flight psychologists, and prognosis for a full recovery is good.

Think I'm going to go out and eat me some beef-cheeks in celebration.

Kvatch said... topic...but we should exchange links. I surf here pretty regularly.

Lily said...

I sadly, have nothing to whore. I just like your blog.

I think this speaks to my view that government ought to spend more time on safety, emergencies, and social concerns and less time in our bedrooms, souls, brains, and hard drives.

I haven;t eaten beef in many many eyars but that is more because I'm a wimp and something just never flet right about eating animals. I used to love cows, petting them etc. and it did not seem right to eat them. Like my cat, it would seem alien to me to eat her too. I just don;t have the urge to use them for food, hard to explain.

Its also a justice issue as many inputs go into a steak, needlessly. There I go babbling again.

Neil Shakespeare said...

Love your link juxtaposition at the bottom: Mad Cow Disease/Grover Norquist. They seem to fit together well. In fact, they belong together. Any law against mad cows marrying mad assholes?

No Blood for Hubris said...

B--It is done.

L--Republicans are due for extinction. They don't believe in government, they're no good at it, they can shut up and die. I think the 2 party system now needs to be Dems and Greens.

N--I would never do that to the cow. I'd be ok with Grover drowning himself in goopy cow dung, though.

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