Sunday, March 12, 2006

Somebody Fix This Guy Up, Quick

Soulful-looking, thoughtful (well, kinda) blue-eyed, libertarian male conservative NY Times columnist who once dated funny centrist NY Times redhaired single female columnist writes column suggesting that if gay marriage can be furthered by the acceptance of polygamy, then polygamy's ok with him.

And if the specter of legalized polygamy is the best argument against gay marriage, let the wedding bells ring.

Hunh? Can you say "non sequitur"?

Is he still pining for Maureen Dowd, or what? Does he need a vacation in Hawaii?

Why is he obsessed with unmarried college-educated females?

What does gay marriage have to do with polygamy?

Please, shouldn't we all, having had his sore plight pluck at our heart-strings, take up a collection to get John Tierney a contract with some nice professional Jewish matchmaker (see below)? To find him Ms. Right, so he can get over Maureen? So we don't have to read any more wierd columns?

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Neil Shakespeare said...

Well what about Gay Polygamy? What does John have to say about that?

No Blood for Hubris said...

"Let freedom reign"?

No, no, wait, that's Condi. (Really, in a sane society, Bubble Boy's asking Condi's permission to go to the loo would have brought down the whole government right then and there. . .)


Hey, its all good in my view, NB. If ten people want to live together thats their business. Get out of our bedrooms and back into your bureaucratic offices and actually do your responding to disaster or enforcing safety regulations.

Regulating who we sleep with is a waste of resources, jackasses.

He's just weird, thats my belated two cents.