Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The George Allen Story: Racist Sadist Becomes Virginia Senator, Somehow Avoided Jail for Assaults, Destruction of Property

Well, well, well.

George Allen twice used the word "macaca" to describe a fellow citizen. Senator Allen now claims he made up this word, "macaca," which he used twice, but one letter writer to the Washington Post thinks otherwise:

It also seems worth mentioning that Mr. Allen's mother is a speaker of French and Arabic who came to this country from Tunisia. "Macaca" is a derogatory slur used by speakers of French in reference to blacks, Arabs and dark-skinned people.

Mr. Allen had reason to have knowledge of that particular slur based on his family background and his own knowledge of French.

[Update: looks like someone named George stepped in macaca, big-time, here.]

Judge for yourself, via YouTube, here. [Georgie says he's sowwy, here.]

In the aftermath of Senator George Allen's recent racist remark, let's take another look at some of his earlier, questionable behaviors.

Assess the following:

1. At Niagara Falls, George Allen deliberately dangled his little sister over the railing, threatening to drop her onto the water hundreds of feet below, and thus leaving her permanently terrorized.

2. He attacked his sister's date with a pool cue.

3. George Allen deliberately dragged his sister by the hair, painfully, up a long wooden staircase.

3. He threw his own brother through a sliding glass door.

4. He repeatedly destroyed private property.

5. George Allen broke his own brother's collarbone.

If your next-door neighbor behaved as described above, would he avoid jail time? Would you feel comfortable having someone like him as your next door neighbor?

Or would you call the cops, first chance you got?

Just asking. (More here.)

I don't think sadists should grow up to be Senators--or Presidents, for that matter.

What do you think?


Libby said...

Just your typical CV for your everyday GOP power sucker. Help. We've been hijacked by thugs and madmen.

Troll Watcher said...

Why is it all Republicans seem to avoided any jail time for the crimes they have committed in the past. Perhaps if they had been punished, they wouldn't seem so eager to break the laws now!

No Blood for Hubris said...

I agree.

I think they all belong in Gitmo. I'm sure they'll enjoy the waterboarding and all that good food.

Frederick said...

All the makings of a President worthy of following Dumb Dumb...

whig said...

I had a post up about George Allen the other day: Model Republican.

Percival said...

Sounds like he fits right in with today's parade of stars...

Rob said...

Another anecdote about Allen is that he didn't realize Alan Greenspan had stepped down from the Federal Reserve Board and the Senate confirmed his replacement. This is Senator?

Anonymous said...

Allen is just being a good RepubliCACAn....