Friday, August 11, 2006


The clueless White House and their media whore media blowhard enablers claim the latest Al Qaeda airliner bomb plot will boost them politically.

They are wrong.

Well, of course, they are, they're the real snakes on a plane.

Bush started a war killing hundreds of thousands of people, killing thousands of US troops, ruining the lives of tens of thousands of Americans. All so Oedipal, just tryin' to out-do his Daddy. He bungled the war in Afghanistan because of it, and now the Taliban are back seeking to resume control.

Bush accomplished all this while letting the actual 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden go free, free to continue to create and fund terrorist plots against us.

This is being competent? This is making us more secure?


Now, in true up-is-downist style, they want to make political hay out of their own massive failures?

Do they really think Osama Bin Forgotten?

All snakes--Dirty Bush, Dirty Dick, Crackpot Rummy, Closet Cupcake Rove, No-Genevas-Gonzalez, Condi, the whole pro-atrocity crowd, plus their media whore media enablers--must go.



jcricket said...

Of course we can depend on "terrorist threats" and "terrorist this" and "terrorist that". This is an election year. These people will keep working their plan until it does not work any more. If there is any possibility it might work, they will go into ALARM MODE. Watch the colors go from yellow to orange to red. Ho hum.

Everytime they bring it up, every time they shrill "Terrorist!!", we need to ask where is Osama? Why are we flushing money and soldiers down the toilet that is Iraq, instead of investing those very resources in the demise of the man who symbolizes September 11th?

Plan: Terrorism becomes the meme of the day; it is followed with the fact that Bush and Cheney failed and adopted a distraction. Simple.

No Blood for Hubris said...

I agree.

james said...

I find it hilarious that the Neo-Cons claim that they are the party that can protect us from terrorism. They are the ones creating more terrorists everyday in Iraq.

Not to mention is was the Brits who foiled this plot...not the Bush admin. The Brits simply called the Bushies to let them know that they (the Brits) were on the ball and taking care of it.

LaPopessa said...

I completely agree with your point James. The Iraq invasion was a boost for international terrorist recruitment.

enigma4ever said...

wow great post and really astute comments...great...thanks for the Troll Patrol earlier week...

Lew Scannon said...

Between the "terrorist" threats and the electronic voting scam, the Republicans are hoping to retain control of Congress without actually accomplishing anything. What we need to do is everytime they talk about Democrats being soft on security remind people that the worst terrorist attack on US soil occurred on their watch with ample warnings.

enigma4ever said...

please come read my post this am- someone is MISUSING my e4e moniker and leaving really rude messeges- I have to check my entire blogroll and see where else it is happening- thanks- ( 4 blogs so far).

pissed off patricia said...

Some times you have to wonder, which side is bush on? He's done more for terrorism than he's done for our country.

Libby said...

He doesn't want the war to end my dears. He would have to give up all those peachy keen war powers.