Tuesday, January 23, 2007

SOTU: Bubble Boy Channels Jimmy Carter

Yeah, hey wow, all of a sudden Preznit Toad-Exploder suddenly believes in global warming!

And in global climate change, balancing the budget, saving the environment he raped, defending our system of laws, yup, the ones he himself disembowelled, and he suddenly now believes in helping the poor and the elderly, and yes balancing the budget whilst cutting taxes, hyuk hyuk hyuk. So cute. So verry cute.

Oh, and while Jimmy Carter is still the big-time Bushist fascist poster boy for, um, "bad" prescient presidents, he was apparently right THIRTY FRICKIN' YEARS AGO for advising us to get off the Big Oil Teat, since Bubble Boy is now a-carryin' that particular (petroleum-fuel-based?) torch.

Rather against his will, one supposes.

Still, dear Bubble Boy and his merry band of Bushist fascists want to drown everything good and decent in the great Grover Norquist bathtub, however.

Oh well.

Their War on America/War on Democracy is, one must admit, still going rather well for them.

So far.

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pissed off patricia said...

And the most frustrating thing is they think we buy this bullshit and believe it. What an insult to most of the American public.

No Blood for Hubris said...

They've done pretty well so far. Thanks to our useless backbone-free Republican-arse-licking media.