Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dirty Bush & GonzoGate: US Atty Fired for Being Too Hard on Child Molesters

There's nothing like primary sources.

Link here, to letter from the House Judiciary Committee, and learn that Bush and his henchman Gonzo fired one US Attorney, Mr. Charlton, because he wanted to videotape interviews with child molesters.

Well, we couldn't have that, could we?

First, you videotape pedophiles, next, you might prosecute them!

The GOPedophile Protection Party won't stand for it!

(And for more fun, lookee here, and repeat after me: "consciousness of guilt, consciousness of guilt, consciousness of guilt.")

Via RawStory, the NY Times, briefly giving up its Judy-Miller-Whitehouse-stenographer role, calls Bush's nasty, bumbling comments "nasty and bumbling," here.


james said...

Disgusting. I also just heard that they wanted to target Patrick Fitzgeraldin 2005 during the Scooter Libby trial.

He was labeled, "not distinguished" even though many consider him to be one of the best prosecutors in the country.

No Blood for Hubris said...

Yes, he was ranked at the same level as several prosecutors who were sacked.

All these people were appointed by Bush, or approved by him in 2000, were they not? So Bush is sacking the people he had already approved. For not being partisan ENOUGH. This making even more sweet and sour the current sky-is-falling psychological projection spin that ooh we don't have to answer any questions about our partisan actions because asking questions about partisan actions is waaay too partisan.


Confused said...

Sorry, don't mean to be dumb but I am confused.

Gonzales does not want to video tape interviews of just convicted child molesters, suspected child molesters or what?

Anonymous said...

US Atty Charlton was fired ostensibly because he wanted to videotape child molesters to aid in their prosecution.

Go figger.