Monday, March 12, 2007

Say, Why DO They Call Him "Preznit Toad-Exploder," Anyhow?

Why do they call George W. Bush, "Preznit Toad-Exploder"?

Well, impressionable American boys and girls, it's like this.

It's sort of like calling James "Dogbeater" Dobson "Kiddie-Whipper Dobson."

Or calling him "Dogbeater Dobson" for that matter.

Well, besides Bubble Boy's actual childhood sadistic sentient-being-intentional-suffering-and-death-causing toad-exploding history, there's, you know, stuff like this: LEGAL EXPERT: BUSH MAY HAVE ORDERED TORTURE.

Via RawStory:
The administration has been almost pathological in trying to find ways to keep these people from ever seeing a real judge or a real lawyer," Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, told the Associated Press, "and the reasons are obvious."

Turley, among many legal analysts, believes that the likelihood that torture tactics were used on the detainees has heightened the administration's state of secrecy for fear of public retribution. The law professor also suggested that President Bush not only knew about the torture program but may have ordered it.

"It seems pretty clear that they've been tortured," Turley told the AP, "and that the president knew they were being tortured, and may have even ordered their torture through techniques like 'water boarding'."
More here, about Bush ordering torture in Iraq at Abu Ghraib -- and it ain't pretty.


Jennifer said...

Eventually all of this will come out into the open, and then the coverups will like twice as bad. This will result in a definite shift away from fundamentalism and the right.

No Blood for Hubris said...

The sooner the better.

Anonymous said...

hope so. we need integrity and accountability and honesty, we need Al Gore!.. Al Gore - He won before; John McCain is more of the same!

Anonymous said...

The thing that I find most disturbing is that this is coming as a surprise to alot of people, as though they expected some sort of pansy-Geneva convention type of conflict.

Personally, though, I blame the media. They've sanitized most U.S. conflicts since Vietnam...

Anonymous said...

I'd blame:

1. Bush/Cheney bushist fascism

2. Osama bin Laden for using Bush as his secret weapon for destroying America by attacking during his preznitcy and thus making his stupidity temporarily acceptable.

3. The post-9/11 media whore media total lapdog press.