Monday, August 13, 2007

Fall of Turd Reich As Karl Rove Cuts & Runs

Turdblossom Karl Rove says he's leaving the White House because he wants to spend more time with his family, coming home from work early every day and playing gentle games lying on the floor with his 18-year-old adult son. And his second wife.

So sweet, really.

He wants to spend more time playing with his son, who won't be at even be at home to play with -- because the 18-year-old adult son's going away to college. (Perhaps changing his last name?) Not the second wife, though.


No time to think up a less feeble excuse? Ouch.

One wonders why, having weathered many a storm, Turdblossom's finally thrown in the towel.

Whatever could have dislodged him?

Will it be a big shiny new fresh steaming turd that someone just plopped into the Bush WH punchbowl?

A turd that really makes waves.

Big ones. Bad stinky ones.

A turd so big, it says:



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