Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sadists for Christ

"Suffer the little children to come unto me?"


Let's let the little children who come unto me suffer.

Yes, let's tie children to our motor vehicles with ropes and drag them in the dirt on their stomachs in Jesus' name to show our little children the wonder of His love.

You think I'm joking? Sadly, no.

These are the godly (sic) works of "Love Demonstrated Ministries."

I kid you not.

Aug. 11, 2007, 2:45PM
Pastor accused of dragging girl behind his van
A trainer also faces charges in incident at boot camp

A San Antonio pastor and an employee of his Christian (sic) boot camp were arrested Friday on aggravated assault charges, accused of dragging a girl behind a van

And get this:

The camp was created to "reinstill the values that have been lost in our society for a couple of generations, values such as discipline, morality, unity and integrity."

Full story here.

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enigma4ever said...

what would geesus say about this??....gotta wonder..