Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Why The Faux-Left Manichaean Naderites and Charles Krauthammer Are Strange Bedfellows

Neither want Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic Presidential Nomination.

Cui bono?

Charles doesn't want her to be the Democratic Party candidate because he doesn't want a liberal Democrat to be President. Because that might rein in all the Bushist fascist fun all the Bushist fascists have been having.

The Faux-Left Manichaean Naderite Posse doesn't want her to be the Democratic Party candidate because they don't really give a crap about actual governance, but prefer to remain poseurs, telling those who are out in the trenches that those trenches aren't capacious enough, the trenches are way too muddy, the trenches should be lined with silver and amethysts, la la la la la la.

Moi, I don't care to be on any side that Charles Krauthammer is pimping for.

Y'all may feel quite differently. Please do.

I thought a Clinton/Obama ticket might be just the thing, but that was yesterday. Today I came across this, via No Quarter. It reminds me why the uber-hyped Obama's just too conservative.
Barack Obama says that the GOP has been the "party of ideas" for the last ten to fifteen years. Which GOP "idea" tops your five-alarm list during the last 15 years?

* Privatizing Social Security
* Cooking intelligence and outting an undercover CIA officer
* Uncontrolled deficit spending with tax breaks for the wealthiest and oil companies
* Abolishing the Department of Education
* Covering for pedophiles in the Congress
* Slashing Medicare
* No health care for all Americans
* Gutting the military
* Not protecting us from Chinese toys and food laced with poison.

I'm really not interested in a candidate who wants to sing Kumbaya with Karl Rove.

How about Clinton/Clark?
Anyhow, pardon me while I go cast my vote.

[Senator Hillary Clinton won this state, ~60/40, a great surprise, as we're very Faux-Left Manichaean Naderite here and Kennedy, Kerry, the Governor, and the media worked hard against her. The working-class poor voted for her.]


Kvatch said...

When Edwards dropped out, I was left in the lurch. Yeah I voted yesterday, but I guess it only counts as a protest vote.

No Blood for Hubris said...

The lurch is where we live. McCain is our future if we don't create an alternative. One candidate is more progressive than the other, and it's not Obama. So it goes.

Ebon Krieg said...

The progressive scale is a bit tilted center and right I would observe. As an ex faux left whatever the hell you call it (WTF are you trying to say?) I realize there is only one choice this election: Nader; no, just kidding, whoever captures the democratic nomination is the only choice we have left. Had you going, didn't I?

No Blood for Hubris said...

Yep. ;) Welcome, Ebon.