Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Brave New World of Dirty Bush

He's a generous guy, our Preznit Toad-Exploder. He's always working hard to give us all a little bit more of his special way of being.

He's Bubble Boy. He's unique.

He's Dirty Bush.

Among his many special gifts:

Moral bankruptcy.

Fiscal bankruptcy.


And now, his drowning of America in Grover Norquist's stinky bathtub results in --death by foreclosure.


A US woman shot herself shortly after faxing a letter to her mortgage company saying that, by the time it foreclosed on her house, she would be dead.

Police said 53-year-old mother Carlene Balderrama used her husband's high-powered rifle to kill herself shortly after faxing the letter at 2.30pm (4.30am AEST) on Wednesday.

Her husband had petitioned unsuccessfully for bankruptcy three times.

The mortgage company phoned police in Taunton, Massachusetts, who found Mrs Balderrama's body an hour later.

The auction was scheduled to start at 5pm and interested buyers arrived at the property while her body was still inside, Taunton police chief Raymond O'Berg said.

Business -- as usual.

(Oh, and don't miss toe-tapping airport mensroom anon sex solicitor Senator Larry Craig's very special support of Don't Ask Don't Tell. Shhh.)


The Dylan said...

This is a wake up call to all Americans. Our most trusted banking institutions have engaged in legally-sanctioned, but undeniably fraudulent accounting practices and our so-called "leaders" continue to bend us over the table to bail-out every last one of them.

The OCC, OTS, and FDIC should all be raising hell and enforcing prudence so that people like Ms. Balderrama are not driven to suicide in frustration.

There are lots of angry people and we should be given the full story so that people can focus their frustration on the source of this problem- the Bush Administration, The Fed, Democrats & Republicans in Congress.

Will that anger coalesce into a voting block to finally stop this madness?

If so, then Bob Barr will be elected President in November, because neither of the establishment candidates gives a damn about The American People when it comes to these issues. Just listen to how they both defend the status quo. And these issues, not terrorism or the war in Iraq, are the seminal matters facing us today.

Anonymous said...

There is an IMF investigation of our banking system looming, and it boggles my mind that it hasn't received more press.

Bush says they can start their investigation, but can't complete it until he leaves office. Like something of that scale could be completed in the next 6 months anyway. Just another denial, and attempt to deflect blame.

McCon and Obamma would be wise to push this to the media, and hold tight for the outcome such an investigation will reveal about what we all really know is happening in this country.

Anonymous said...

the dylan... here's simply no way that Bob Barr is going to be elected President; therefore... does that answer your question?