Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Audacity Of Rove

Well, as a big-time hillary harridan I had intended to just STFU like a good little girl & get totally over it (over what?), and keep on privately snivelling in my beer whilst simultaneously whistling and pretending that lalalala nothing is wrong, it's all good, it doesn't matter, out of my hands, nothing to do with me, it is what is is, que sera sera, la-di-da, la-di-da, la-di-da, and utterly totally completely stuffing my feeeeeeelings (oh, would that be stuffing one's feelings as in "numbing & avoidance" one of the three main symptom categories that define PTSD? why yes it would!) and never write another word on the subject ever ever ever ever ever ever ever.

That was my plan.

And then I saw this:

New McCain Ad Hits Obama For Not Picking Hillary As Veep

And I thought to myself, "Ouch."

Then I thought "Wow."

Then I thought, "This must be Rove."

Then I thought, "Wow."

Then I thought, "Ouch," again.

Sez TPM (and do note TPM's swipe at "embittered" Clintonistas, they just can't stop slamming us can they? because it's all our fault/hillary's fault tum-ti-tum-tum so there) here.
John McCain is up with his second spot in two days hitting Obama over his veep choice, this one whacking him for not picking Hilllary:

The spot makes a kind of double-barreled bid for embittered Hillary voters: It fuses criticism of the fact that he "passed over" her with an airing of her attacks on him during the primary, arguing that he didn't choose her because of that criticism."


FEMALE VOICEOVER: She won millions of votes.

But isn't on his ticket.



Round one to you, Karl.



Gen. JC Christian, Patriot said...

To be fair, I think TPM was referring to the small subset of Clinton supporters who are bitter, not to all of Clinton's supporters. There are a couple of those--the ones who are so bitter they're voting for McSame, and the McCain campaign is ensuring that everyone knows that. But hey, it's their 15 minutes of McCluhanian fame, so let them enjoy it before they get back to the hard work of blaming the Jews for 911.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

There comes that broad brush again: "It's not ALL Hillary supporters--just those stupid whores what won't lie back and learn ta enjoy it, wink wink."

You should learn a more subtle touch, General, [sarcasm] like that of Garry Trudeau [/sarcasm].

I see elsewhere that many PUMAs are planning on voting for McKinney or Nader, or just staying home. I'm still trying to figure out how this is any worse than (or even as bad as) pompous, hypocritical, self-absorbed fauxgressives who voted for Nader in the past two elections and declared they'd piss their vote away again if Hillary was the candidate--yet are now screaming that we have to support the (presumptive) party candidate, because suddenly they're concerned about the consequences.

Perhaps you could shed some light on this.

Anonymous said...

Regarding pissing votes away in past, present, and future elections... none of those sound like good options, so, no real need to compare them.

And really, some former Hillary supporters are bitter about some things; so are some current Obama supporters, etc., etc. So?

I do have to say, as attempts from the right to divide the left go, that's a pretty good one, more clever than I'd give them credit for lately. Then again, I guess when you have an organization called "Party Unity My Ass" to point to, that's a clue that there might be a sore spot to exploit...

Widget Whiteberry said...

Posted to this thread since it makes more sense... /mea culpa

Along the same lines, and as someone who was in love with neither candidate and is quite clear about the multiple metaphorical tsunamis headed to our shores, I offer for your attention: