Tuesday, August 26, 2008

With Friends Like These, Who Needs - - oh, & then there's Rove, Who Seems To Be the Only One Feeling Some People's Pain. Isn't That Ironic?

Eric Alterman, on The Hillary Diehards

A bawling, mewling, puking David Sirota on "Does it Always Have to Be About the Clintons?"

The "Get Over It!" Scratching Post.

CDS Sports

The Disturbing Rise of the Hillary Harridans: The Madwoman in the Blogosphere

Clinton Dead-Enders

Here's a HuffPo dude who first calls Clintonists "virulent" and THEN asks for their votes, for the sake of Party Unity!

This is not how to win my vote.

No, Actually.

Oh, and this.

And don't forget, boys and girls! The Clintons are racist and pro-assassinationist!

No, really! They are! They are!

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