Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's the Stupidity, Stupid!!

Hoist on his own petard, is our John.

Who is btw a POW.

And he's also old. A little older than Biden. I don't agree with playing the ageist card except oh dear I seem to have just played it, have I not? Guess I'm just a little sensitive on the oldness is inherently badness theme. Oh?

I prefer to make decisions based not on um you know sheer ageism gender bias shapeism racism classism blah blah, but rely more on the stupid/not stupid/adequate/smart/f*cking brilliant policy continuum.

But hey that's just me.


(Hat tip to Jacqueline Gens of poetrymind and Advice from Abu Shri for this fine Robert Greenwald video.


Anonymous said...

Not only is McCain old, but he's an old POW -- not the healthiest of demographics. On the other hand, you know who else wasn't healthy? FDR, he died in office at the age of 63. So I'd be more worried about what McCain would do as President while alive; still, it doesn't hurt to point out how important his VP choice could be as well.

Oh, and, rocks the house -- I wish they were the official website of the Democratic party. Did CorrenteWire link to this article from there: It's Hillary's Night!

No Blood for Hubris said...

; )

I'm Just A Girl said...

You young kids get off my lawn!

Anonymous said...

JohnnyPOW is my new heero. But I heard a rumor (I started it about 30 seconds ago) that he had a thing with Jane Fonda when she visited the commienists back in the 40's or whenever (I'm an old guy too, but just Biden old, not McCancient--TM.