Friday, October 24, 2008

YO! Karl ROVE's Dressing Caribou Barbie!!! (& he has SUCH good taste! He's just a WIZARD with f*-me heels & those cunning lil' jackets! Ooh!)

So, boys and girls, who bought and paid for the Neiman Marcus/Saks 5th/Barney's/Bloomie's/Atelier upscale uptown clothes for Caribou Barbie's Excellent Sexist Sex-Object Trophy VEEP Makeover?

Why, that would be one Jeff Larson!

One of Karl Rove's perception management boys!

Quelle surprise!

Plus ca change plus c'est la meme f*ckin' chose!

Update: Palin Defends Designer Clothes Tab via the Sydney Morning Herald. Hint -- it's not about the money, it's all about sexism, and remember boys and girls, Sarah said on NBC yesterday that she's NOT a feminist! (While being a member of "Feminists (sic) for Life (sic)")

[insert massively inappropriate Palinwink -- here ---]

PS. Seems like John McCain spent over $12K on a make-up artist just last month. Sure beats those $400 Dem haircuts the Pubbies made such a stink about, eh? Palin spent over $13K last month for her make-up artist. They're both such regular Joes, are they not?

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democommie said...

Pig Lipstick will never again be available at the pre-Maverick price.