Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No Blood for Hubris Defends Caribou Barbie

Okay, I meant what I said in the post below, but this take is sexist, ergo wrong:"Republicans Disgusted at Palin's $150,000 Shopping Spree"?

Be disgusted at the Republican National Committee, not Palin. Her pricey wardrobe was part of the RNC agenda, not Palin's personal agenda. They make-overed her into their sex-object Trophy VEEP. They, not she, deserve blame. (Mrs. Real Pro-America, of course, deserves blame in many other areas. And perhaps for giving her consent, as reader anon points out.)


The Out Of Joint Times said...

Oh yeah? Well John McCain was a POW in Vietnam!

I Beg to Differ said...

Sarah Palin is an adult woman, a moral agent in her own right, with a will and the ability to discern right from wrong. Alas, what she lacks is the insight and forethought to consider what would be the implications of her decision to participate in this entire charade. If she is a puppet, she is allowing herself to be treated a puppet.

No Blood for Hubris said...

I don't disagree with what you said at all.

My criticism was of the media and some Republicans spinning the $150K wardrobe expenditure on Palin personally as a vain, extravagant female, rather than on the cynical RNC packagers who chose to spend a big whack of money marketing Palin as eye-candy.

Kvatch said...

Hey...and she needs to look snappy, right? Don't want a frowsy VEEP, now do we?

But I have to say I love your 'Caribou Barbie', almost as good as another I heard today... 'Bible Spice'! LOL!

No Blood for Hubris said...

Hey, Kvatch. Howdy.

Caribou Barbie and Bible Spice not mine, have been all around the internet.

"Trophy VEEP" was, tho.

One thing to have a snappy Trophy VEEP, another to have her wardrobe revealed to have been bought and paid for by the RNC, and to cost more than Trophy VEEP's personal family income. All the while touting herself as everyday Mrs. sex-Gun Regular Joe Six-Pack.

It's a little eee-leete, no?

democommie said...

no blood for hubris:

Okay, now I get it. I was trying to figure out what had happened--I should never cruz the intertubes after a couple of buds (brewskis not boneskis).

I think you're correct that it's not Palin's fault that the RNC went on a shopping spree. It is her fault that she didn't tell them, "nah, I'm sure I'll be just fine in my Cabello's and sealskin boots. Actually, if she had gotten out in front of it she could have made even more points with her base--it's not McStain's anymore.

democommie said...

no blood for hubris:

While we're on the subject of naming rights. I think that given her performance as the candidate that Sarah, the McHuntress, the ImPalinator, the Arctic Fox should also be called the "Cariboob"™©®. You know, it's really not fair that those folks in D.C. can stand around bloviating and spouting nonsense and get paid for it while bloviating, nonsense spouting individuals such as myself go hungry. Where's the fucking love?

No Blood for Hubris said...

You're so right, demo. ; )

the rev. paperboy said...

Giving her consent?
What were those winks during the debate? She has just given consent, she's embraced the idea, thrown herself into the role wholeheartedly - I won't be surprised to see her doing pin-up shots if she thinks it will get a few more votes.
No, there is more than enough blame to go around here, for both Palin and the RNC.

No Blood for Hubris said...


What were those winks, anyhow?