Monday, December 29, 2008

Brutal Murder Victim Broad Found to be At Fault For Brutal Death(s) of Self and Whole Family

So, I bet you all thought that the Missus in the Killer Santa murders waited too long before divorcing malevolent whackjob Bruce Pardo?


You are soooo wrong.

Apparently filled to the brim with a Very Special Kind of Christmas Spirit, spirited Anti-divorce activist Milhouse Gregor, via the ever-watchful Jesus' General, really lets that dead uppity broad have it, right in the kisser. And as a Primary Source, it is SO worth a read:
"This was not a case of spousal abuse, which has been defined by the United States Government as "beating your wife with a stick wider than her thumb". [?] Generally, one would have to be pretty well off; in a strong position, to have the luxury of living without support from one's husband. [?]

Also, one must have legitimate reason for the divorce. Life is not an all-you-can-eat buffet. You may not take food and throw it away when you get tired of the flavor, then get another plate of something else. [no vomiting?] Even at buffets you are encouraged not to take more than you can eat.

You wouldn't go into a candy store, chew up candy and regurgitate it back into the container with the other candy, would you? When you do that with food, it's considered to be vandalism, and it's considered to be sick. When you do it with people, you're actually rewarded for it with money.

But woman's eyes were bigger than her stomach, and now she is left with neither. Her body will rot to ashes in the ground and will be consumed by maggots. Mr. Pardo just helped to accelerate the process, and give her an attractive aroma which is pleasing to insect life. After all, we need to be considerate of the insects. [and why not]

Let that be a lesson to anyone thinking about getting divorced, or anyone for that matter, who is thinking about getting married. [marriage as punishment? death as punishment for having gotten married?]

There are a few people left in this country who care about the truth, and if you should have the honor; the privilege, of ever meeting one, or marrying them for that matter, please don't show your gratitude by divorcing them, or you may find yourself six feet under ground and burnt to a crisp. [misunderstanding of karma cause and effect?]

This woman made the decision to divorce Bruce Pardo, most likely without ever consulting her family [what no Saudi Arabian influence?], and considering no abuse was involved -- no legitimate reason for divorce -- no family in their right mind would advise divorce [no because Pardo is such a charmer?]. What this woman did was kill her family. [oh] The 8-year-old girl they talked about was killed by the woman, not Bruce Pardo. Her entire family was killed by her poor decision-making. She deprived them of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. She is the criminal."
Well, well. That settles that.

Hat-tip to Jesus' General.

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Anonymous said...

no blood for hubris:

As I said at the General's, I would be happy to assist assholes like Milhouse in their suicide-murder pacts--