Monday, December 08, 2008

Obscure Bloggers Stick Bamboo Slivers Under Brennan's Fingernails, Force Him Out, Boo Hoo

See, it used to be all Bill Clinton's fault.

Then it was all Hillary Clinton's fault.

Now it's pussified anti-Brennan-y leftwingy obscure bloggerses' fault.

Got that?

Silly obscure bloggerses get lacey panties in a twist about, um, you know, justa little teeny tiny bitta torture? Why are they such pussies? Why won't they get over it? Why they make such beeg steenk about nada? Why have obscure bloggerses no cojones? Why? Why? Why?

Who are they waiting for? Valerie Plame?



Glenn Greenwald.

Vastleft's "The Perfect Is the Enemy of the Good."


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