Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obama, Unafraid of Offending His Buddhist Constituents, Kills Fly, Is Pleased With Self, Accrues Karma

It's part of the Pussy Frame, is it not? Why would one have compassion for, you know, a fly?

Compassion is just soo pussy!

WTF? Don't getcha panties in a twist, eh?

It's trivial! Haha.

And, who cares if it, you know, technically, that one act creates a perfect karma: intending the action, completing the action, and being satisfied with the result. One action. We have so many. Big f*cking deal.

Kill fly? Meh!

Merely to think that would be so -- well, so weak, so pussy!

Besides the Pussy Frame, there is another all-important frame, the Fly Frame.

Which is what makes it possible to torture sentient beings. Including human ones.

We've seen it at Abu Ghraib, at Gitmo, everywhere. Once you declare someone to be the "enemy" and then dehumanize them, insectize them -- then you can talk yourself into doing whatever the f*ck you want to them, can you not?

Ragheads. They ain't yoooo-man!

If they're no better than insects, who gives a flying f*ck?

Mirror Neuron Retardation Syndrome.

A pandemic.

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