Monday, March 04, 2024

Embryo-Centrist, Anti-Babyist Woman-Haters Can Just Shut UP Right Now [[ originally from 2005 and still getting worse.]]

Gag me with a spoon.

Or, OK, gag me with Rick Santorum's weepy fetal sentimentality story, worshipping at the gone-on-to-the-next-life-get-OVER-it picture of his and Mrs. Rick's dead-baby fetus, with its big, round, painted-on-black-velvet, sad eyes. Ecch.

Or gag me with the crackpot un-Christian cultists shrieking to adopt the cute lil' fuzzy lil' "snowflakes," the widdle sweet teensy weensy fwozen embryoes that are weeping weeping in their sad sad sad lonely abandoned-orphanage petri dishes.

It's a parallel universe on the order of Faux news intently following all the missing white women and none of the missing black women and nobody seemingly noticing or minding.

When the actual United States is filled filled filled with actual babies needing adoption, and actual foster children needing fostering, but really who cares about that, the little pre-fetuseseses are scweaming, even though they can't actually scream?

Oh, well. When James "Dogbeater" Dobson--the so-called Christian, actual un-Christian cultist guy who belt-beats his very own Dachshund, for fun-- is out there ranting for more, and more, and more unplanned parenthood, and advising his cult members to whip their little infants because it's GOOD for them?

When un-Christian cultist shriekers are out there shrieking for more and more and more unwanted children in the world? Gee, you think that ever might be a bad thing, filling the world with unwanted children? You think that might affect the rates of child abuse? Ya think?

Oh, no, of course not, you're not living in the reality-based universe, are you? You think we maybe should be taking actual care of the actual babies and children and mothers we have, before we start taking on more kids we can't care for? Ya think?

Feh. Go back to your embryo-centric, anti-baby, anti-mother, kiddywhipping puppybeater universe, miserable Reichwing whiners.

Oh, and by the way--shut UP.

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