Friday, January 27, 2006

2005 Koufax Awards - - At Wampum

Wampum is kindly hosting the 2005 Koufax Awards for the best of the lefty blogs, here.

Visit their site, take the opportunity to cruise around blogtopia and find and celebrate lefty blogs of wildness and wonder, of feckfulness, snark and pulchritude. OK not pulchritude. No Blood for Hubris has had the happiness to be nominated as Best New Blog - - among a multitude of way more worthy blogs, including some of our all-time favorites (including but not limited to Dadahead, The Heretik, Agitprop, My Left Wing, Neil Shakespeare) as well as new-time favorites I'm working my way through (including but not limited to I Blame the Patriarchy, By Neddie Jingo!, Dharma Bums, and Olduvai George) and all of these can be found here, and should be found for the sake of the journey, not the destination.

Other categories are coming to the fore each day, many others, such as Most Deserving of Wider Recognition (for which we likewise have had the happiness to receive a nomination), and Best State, Local Blogs -- all categories present and to come deserve your time and consideration; please lend it to them if you have the opportunity.

Quoth Wampum:

Now that I've had my daily dose of Abramoff-Indian Trust Fund obsessing, I'll get back to work compiling the next posts. I started Best Post and Most Humorous Post this morning, and will hopefully have one, if not both, up later tonight.

I did a quick estimation yesterday, and it looks as though we had somewhere around 10,000 individual nominations this year (about 1000 nominators, with an average of 10 nominations each.) That's about twice what we had last year. I was wondering why I felt like I was going blind these past few days

I'm passing the hat yet again, to cover the increasing costs of these awards. In addition to regular contributions, if you happen to know anyone who would like to purchase an ad on our sidebar, a la our wonderful Texas Senate candidate, Barbara Ann Radnofsky, please let us know. Over the next few weeks, a large percentage of the eyeballs which frequent the Lefty blogosphere will land on Wampum at one point or another, so it's a pretty good advertising investment , at a fraction of what the Big Dogs charge.

Please lend Wampum -- and the Koufax Awards -- and the lefty blogosphere -- blogtopia? -- bloglantis? -- your support. And your presence.


Let me reference here the mysterium tremendum of blogtopia (Skippy coined it). Two clicks of separation away from No Blood for Hubris, via wood s lot, I just now wandered upon a fine post about (see blogger's about me section) Cesar Vallejo, of all wondrous poets, to wit:

Five talking points about Cesar Vallejo.

1) There's the inexplicable mystery of how and why he realized that he could be Cesar Vallejo. That is, speak with such an unmistakably individual voice. What gave him that courage? (Normally I hate to apply the word courage to writing in a particular style; it seems fake and inappropriate to say that it is courageous for me to write in a particular way. For Vallejo, though, this is entirely approrpriate.)

2) He had a complete poetic language, ranging from the colloquial to the erudite, the Quechua-inflected Spanish that he grew up speaking to the avant-garde cosmopolitan discourse of Europe.

3) He had a unique way of bridging the individual and the collective voice. "Yo no siento este dolor como Cesar Vallejo." Yet it took "Cesar Vallejo" to articulate this insight.

4) He passed through the historical avant-gardes and forged a style of political poetry totally inflected by the freedom given to him by this avant-garde. He never practiced a sort of "generic" avant-garde style. . .

5) His appeal is immediate and direct. You know that it's great before you even understand what it's all about. Further study only deepens our appreciation.

Pretty soon I'll be blathering on about Indra's Net. So.

Perhaps there is hope for us all, after all?


enigma4ever said...

You well deserve that nomination....and thanks for giving us great destinations to wander and pulchritude ??( I think I spelled that wrong)...none ? are you sure? cause I think I need some...( I don't even know what it is but it sounds outlandish and fulfilling)....

....and the best thing about those Dang Big Words you know they make the King's head explode ;-)

poetrymind said...

Congratulations for nomination by Wampum ( a great site). Well deserved.