Saturday, January 14, 2006

Reichwingers Howl, Boosting Condom Sales

Here, a story of one more American religious group vehemently trying to cram its religious beliefs down throats of innocent others who are not even semi-aspiring members of said group.

Condom key chains in US spark religious furor
A Connecticut abortion rights group has angered some conservative Christian groups by selling condom key chains that include an image of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel with God handing Adam a condom.

"It's an example of depraved morals and contempt for the sensibility of Catholics everywhere," said C.J. Doyle of the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts.

No Blood for Hubris, of course, considers the war in Iraq an example of depraved morals and contempt for the sensibility of Buddhists everywhere.

NBFH considers the insane, un-American, anti-human policies of the current Bushist Fascist regime to be an example of depraved morals and contempt for the sensibility of intelligent persons everywhere.

NBFH considers the whining of the anti-condom crowd to be beneath contempt everywhere. Cry about it, CJ.

The $3 key chains sold by Planned Parenthood of Connecticut on its Web site come in 28 designs including an image of a U.S. flag with the stars replaced with the words "Wear with Pride" and a Statue of Liberty holding a condom instead of a torch.

Another reads" "Condoms are cheaper than diapers" over a cartoon of a screaming baby.

I liked that one in particular.

Judy Tabar, Planned Parenthood of Connecticut's president and chief executive, said growing controversy over the key chains sparked a surge in Internet traffic to its Web site this week.

She said 100,000 visitors swamped the site on Thursday, causing it to shut down temporarily, after Internet columnist Matt Drudge posted a statement by a conservative Christian group condemning the key chains as "blasphemous."

Yuh? Well, boo frickin' HOO, Taliban Xtians.

The key chains had been on sale for a year, but had attracted controversy only this week.

"The media attention led to an avalanche of orders so much so that it caused our Web site to shut down. We have expanded our capacity and it is up again today," she said.

The politically sensitive issues of unwanted pregnancy and abortion are among the hottest topics in Washington this week during Senate confirmation hearings for U.S. Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito.

Kristian Mineau, president of the conservative Massachusetts Family Institute, called the Sistine Chapel key chain image "a very crude and crass maneuver."

"This does nothing to deal with the horrific promiscuity rate we have among teenagers," he said. "We believe the real approach particularly to the young people that this is targeted at is abstinence before marriage."

Hey, Kristin, you want to teach that to your kids, go ahead. Just don't force your personal religious beliefs down the throats of everybody else in the country. And I won't be posting the Four Noble Truths in your town square anytime soon.

Taber said the variety of designs was aimed at appealing to a wide range of personalities. "Condoms are the best protection against unintended pregnancy and infection, so it's really important to get the message out there," she said.

No, no, no, we'd much rather increase the number of unwanted pregnancies and thus the number of unwanted children in the United States. We just don't have enough child abuse already, and we don't have enough criminals, either.

So, you're telling me--your Reichwing God wants more?

Mayor Bloomberg Orders Inquiry in Death of Abused Girl.

[Seven-year old] Nixzmary Brown . . . was beaten to death by her stepfather for eating a container of yogurt . . . Nixzmary died after months of being systematically tortured and denied food, prosecutors said. She weighed not quite 36 pounds. Her stepfather, Cesar Rodriguez, has been charged with murder, and her mother, Nixzaliz Santiago, with manslaughter. Both were also charged with endangering the welfare of a child.


stacy said...

Hey bring it on- I'm gonna go over to the CT planned parenthood site right now and buy a keychain! Woo Hoo!

I swear the Unchristian Right just sits around looking for shit to get upset about. If they don't like the keychain, then THEY DON'T HAVE TO BUY IT. I don't buy any crap they peddle but they certainly have a right to peddle it.

And great blog! :)

No Blood for Hubris said...


Anonymous said...

That horrible ass fucking psychopath aka Cesar Rodriguez should receive the same tortures and torments he inflicted on that poor defenseless little girl only ten-fold. Fuck protective custody for him. I say just let the other inmates loose on him and make his ass grass and set fire to his groin and other body parts he used to inflict pain on that poor baby.