Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Some Chicks Should Not Work Outside the Home, Some Should Pipe Down: Kathy Should Do Both

Why does this person, chubby buxom blonde Bushist blowhard panty-twistee "columnist " blog-slagger Kathleen Parker, have a job?

Why does anyone pay her to write columns, or even grocery lists? Why does she have health benefits? Dental benefits? A possible pension plan? A place to live? Why?

Why did anyone teach her to read in the first place? Why, O God, why?

Working people are in crisis in America. Thirty thousands are being laid off at Ford today, human sacrifices who are paying the price for the stupidity and poor judgment of Ford executives, who are not being laid off, not losing their pensions, not losing their health and dental benefits.

Workers at so-called "Friendly's" restaurants are losing the best part of their health benefits as of today. They'll wind up in the free-care pool at your local hospital, where we, not Friendly's, will be paying their bill.

So, there's some all-American competition out there for real jobs with real benefits.

Why is chubby buxom blonde Bushist blowhard and panty-twistee, so-called "columnist" Kathleen Parker, then, not unemployed?

Today, she wrote an article in which she ridiculed George Galloway's intellect and political acumen by pointing out that George Galloway had once appeared on all fours on a funny British television show.

A stunning blow. A hit, a palpable hit! Ha ha!

(So far, Kathy's still collecting her paycheck. Hunh? Meanwhile, we are still wondering why Preznit Toad-Exploder's little theatrical skit where he, on all fours, was looking for those pesky missing Weapons of Mass Destruction under sofas and chairs but that skittishness failed to disqualify his intellect (sic) and credibility(sic) in the mind of buxom Kathy -- but never mind.)

Recently, she suggested that sexual harassment exists only in imaginations of silly smelling-salt-dependent Victorianesque feminist females who fail to understand the proud, "spicy," and "salty" tradition in which military males must be not reprimanded but commended for loudly pointing out in the military workplace how battleships with big long phallic guns make guys so hot and so hard. (Hmm?)

Well, smack Kathy upside the head with Clarence Thomas' pubic-haired Coke can, because Kathy thinks sexual harrassment doesn't really even exist.

Quoth currently-employed Kathy:
This is not necessarily good news if you're in the business of victim advocacy - and it is a business, perhaps soon to become a career choice if Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) has her way. Slaughter is the sponsor of a 95-page bill that would create a Pentagon Office of Victim Advocacy (OVA). We may never win the war on terror, but we'll by golly win the war on hurt feelings.

Sexual harassment is all about hurt feelings, hurt feelings are pussy, pussy is female, female is weak, weak is worthless. Get it?

Smack her again with that Coke can, and maybe chubby buxom blonde blowhard Kathy'll get it--she'd better get it, 'cause if she keeps spinning out these stinker columns, she's gonna be losing that job.

Maybe Kathy needs a Coke can ornamented with a whole forest of pubic hairs--how many will suffice to finally attract a Bushist blowhard's attention?

Hey, Clarence? Can you help this girl out?

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enigma4ever said...

I can't believe that Faux Fox has not scooped her up- she is so qualitfied...oh, that's right they were busy wooing Novakula...