Sunday, February 26, 2006

Bolton Pot Blasts U.N. Kettle: Sex Still Troubles Our Swinger Ambassador?

This story troubles moi, aussi:

NEW YORK - The U.S. ambassador to the
United Nations said Saturday that the world body is hobbled "by bad management, by sex and corruption" and a lack of confidence in its ability to carry out missions. . .

"We find an organization that is deeply troubled by bad management, by sex and corruption and by a growing lack of confidence in its ability to carry out missions that are given to them," Bolton told an audience at a Columbia Law School symposium held by the Federalist Society, a conservative law organization.
Say, isn't that the society that John Roberts didn't remember he belonged to, and Samuel Alito didn't remember he belonged to? Funny. I can't remember.

Well, ok, I can't remember that, but I do remember this, via meat-eating leftist:

Larry Flynt of Hustler infamy has recently claimed that John Bolton frequented the famous swinger's club Plato's Retreat in the 1970s and coerced his ex-wife to perform in group sex while he watched.

Corroborated allegations that Mr. Bolton’s first wife, Christina Bolton, was forced to engage in group sex have not been refuted by the State Department despite inquires posed by Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt concerning the allegations. Mr. Flynt has obtained information from numerous sources that Mr. Bolton participated in paid visits to Plato’s Retreat, the popular swingers club that operated in New York City in the late 1970s and early 1980s. . .

If this is true, on the one hand, its another example of a neocon doing some nasty things behind closed doors. On the other hand, well, its just a hilarious story. The soon-to-be ambassador to the UN watched his wife having sex; it does not get any better than this.
I dunno about that. It could get better if it turns out that Bolton is the leaky source for the Traitorgate Plame name, could it not?

On the other hand, it gets way worse when one realizes that Ambassador John Bolton has, significantly, mistaken problems with "rapes" for being problems with "sex."

How sick is that?


Neil Shakespeare said...

The U.N. has a sex problem? Jeez, I'm trying to imagine all those world leaders at the Bolton house for an international gangbang...

It's not pretty.

No Blood for Hubris said...

Johnny-boy can't tell sex from rape. Eee-ew.