Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bubble Boy: Keeping A Tight Lid on Vegan Terror While Allowing State-Linked Foreign Firm to Run Six US Ports

Picture of blonde Vegan terrorist above was taken by undercover government agents on the vegan terror surveillance team, paid with your tax dollars. Meanwhile, even more horrific plots to turn America peaceful are being thwarted as Bushists crack down on peace activists in their search for Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden in Seattle--once again, at our expense:
Recently disclosed FBI files show that in Seattle in recent years, federal agents and local police looked for signs of civil disobedience among activists preparing to protest Navy ships arriving for Seafair:

# Local anti-war groups such as the Raging Grannies, Not in Our Name and Ground Zero were watched for intent to disrupt Navy ships through civil disobedience such as chaining themselves to ships. It never happened.

# A Navy criminal investigator traveled to Eugene, Ore., to find out if anarchists blamed for violence at Seattle's 1999 World Trade Organization conference might return to protest the fleet. They never did.

# A law enforcement agent conducted surveillance as two small, Peace-Fleet boats were launched in West Seattle. . .

"This is part of a troubling pattern by the government of spying on peaceful groups," said Kathleen Taylor, executive director of the ACLU of Washington.

Keeping watch on "groups like Raging Grannies doesn't make us safer," she said. "And it interferes with people's right to protest government policies. When government believes that advocacy of peace is a threat, we are going in the wrong direction. The government needs to focus on real threats to public safety rather than to presume that anyone who objects to government action is a safety threat. . ."

In the wake of 9/11, the Bush administration responded to its failure to detect the attacks by broadening the rules for the FBI to open a national security investigation.

The old guidelines required that a crime had been committed or was being planned. The new guidelines create a category called "threat assessment," and no crime has to be committed or planned to perform a threat assessment.

Under a threat assessment, a federal criminal justice source said, agents can attend public meetings without identifying themselves and conduct such simple surveillance as watching a protest march. . .

It's unclear whether information about local political activists has been collected in the database intended for military installations to use to share intelligence. The Pentagon did not make itself available to answer the question. . .

[A} memo apparently from a police member of the FBI's Washington Joint Analytic Center says: "The Snohomish County Peace Action of Edmonds is a merge between the Lynnwood SNOW and Peace Action of Snohomish County. They support the anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-nuclear, anti-weapons movements."

For Democracy to be on the march, see, you have to make sure that them bloodthirsty cut-throat Vegan and Quaker terrorists are taken care of. Big-time.

In order that your buddies and Halliburton and Dubai Ports World can cash in on even more sweetheart deals. Got a problem with that, buddy?

Like, we shouldn't be doing business with countries who don't even have token women in the boardroom? Like, just because there aren't any gals in this picture above of dudes wielding power means that we shouldn't be making ourselves and them money hand over fist? Yuh, as if.

Not to mention the secret deal that assured Dubai Ports that it wouldn't have to make its records subject to subpoena in U.S. courts. (Well, we don't even put anyone under oath in the Senate anymore, do we?) And heck, Preznit Toad-Exploder didn't even know about it before he knew about it and supported it and then didn't know about it. Heckuva Job, Toady!

It's all about the Benjamins. And that's just it way it should be. Because poor people, as Fearless Leader Bubble Boy Bush said long ago, poor people are poor because they're lazy.

And if you don't let us run your ports, we'll jack up the price of oil times ten and watch all you Westerners (who failed to listen to prescient President Carter so long ago when he warned you to get off the oil teat) with your miserable Western culture twist slowly slowly in the wind. Just kidding.


Neil Shakespeare said...

This country doesn't even exist anymore. It's all about the corporations. They don't want business decisions affected by 'security concerns', in the same way they don't want want to be bothered by human rights concerns (i.e. Microsoft, Yahoo, Google in China).

No Blood for Hubris said...

Yep. Operating under the "first things first" principle, it seems.


Thats it, Neil. They don't care. And meanwhile the groups they target are peaceful, organized, and are simpy exercising their rights. MORE of us need to, not less. I hope you will participate in the upcoming events, like the March 8th Women's demo.

I am not a vegan, although I hardly eat meat, but only recently did I start to read about meat consumption more as a justice issue. Partly because a wonderful group of demonstrators gave me so much information, they were wonderful.