Monday, February 06, 2006

Dirty Words from Rove and Mehlman

"Racist" is a dirty word. Even racist right-wingers don't want to be caught being racist, and don't want to be labeled "racist."

How come "sexist" is NOT a dirty word?

How come balding unmarried guy Ken Mehlman gets to make a sexist attack on Senator Hillary Clinton -- all for being "too angry" -- ooh we know how it is when them broads get angry -- and nobody finds it sexist and offensive.

I mean, I do. Anyone else?

How about bald, fat, girlie-man Karl Rove's sexist frame of Valerie Plame? Seeking to dismiss the professional importance of Joseph Wilson's to Niger because -- the little woman sent him?

Sexist? Ya think?

How about bald, fat sexist Cheney's office trying to denigrate Plame's professional status by saying she's not actually a NOC but just some little paper-pushing CIA secretary? How sexist is that?

How about bald, double-chinned Rove's sexist framing of the Administration's deliberate leak of a covert CIA identity--that it was just little girlie gossip? So therefore it doesn't count? Responsible people, like Woodward, therefore, never took it seriously: girl talk.

Just some thoughts, and I'm sure the truthiness of it will all come out in the wash.

Don't worry your pretty little heads about it.

(all sexist comments made here for informational purposes only)


Lily said...

Because we worry about 'appearance' and not the substance of the messages really being sent, and our collective tolerance for not-so-subtle misogyny is at "ELEVATED ALERT LEVEL".

Fuck these fatcats. Fuck their ways.
Why do we shy away from challenging the stupidity of what they do?

We need to talk more about it, and not hide every time some pig implies that we are feminazis because we open our mouths. I see alot of even brave girls permitting themselves to be silenced- like the scorn of the pig-clan is something to fear.

And I repeat that I mean no offense to pigs.

Also, we must take our own inventories as sisters and do some soul searching about the ways we tear down one another to play the patriarchal competitive reindeer games...

No Blood for Hubris said...

That certainly what spawns all the I'm not a feminist buts {as in "I'm not a feminist but . . . [feminist tenet follows]"}.

Rush did a good job with his feminazi label. How can we return this favor?

Puma said...

That is the problem with the truth: it is difficult to reduce it to a soundbyte. It's a long, uphill battle, but it is slowly, slowly, slowly being won. And as far as I am concerned, racism and sexism are exactly the same thing.

enigma4ever said...

Rove and Mehlman are just delusional boys- that are Terrified of Women...Ral Women- the ones that tell the truth, swear and cut through the mountains of DC Crapola....What really bothers me are the dumb schelps that are giving these misogynists SO MUCH airtime ????

It's Racism..pure and simple...