Thursday, February 09, 2006

Preznit Toad-Exploder Spreads His Culture of Sadism

It was supposed to be democracy that Bubble Boy was spreading across the world, but instead he's spreading sadism, encouraging vengeance and violence.

Bush takes a wimpy stance on actual freedom of speech, denouncing the publication of insensitive cartoons of Mohammed, while his Gitmo minions are always at the ready to urinate on the Koran, whilst pretending that they aren't.

Now, under the pretext of saving life, they've extended their policy of sadism and torture at Gitmo, deliberately inflicting pain and diarrhea on hunger strikers there, strapping them to chairs and leaving them there in their own feces, worse than lab rats and lab monkeys.

Only 8 percent of Gitmo inmates, recall, have ties to Al Qaeda. Only 45 percent had committed any act hostile to the US. The rest were caught up in the sweep of vengeance. Now, Bush can't let them go and he can't let them die: so he's making their lives a miserable hell in order to shore up his fragile ego.

Quoth the unlinkable-to NY Times:
In recent weeks, the officials said, guards have begun strapping recalcitrant detainees into "restraint chairs," sometimes for hours a day, to feed them through tubes and prevent them from deliberately vomiting afterward. Detainees who refuse to eat have also been placed in isolation for extended periods in what the officials said was an effort to keep them from being encouraged by other hunger strikers.

In addition to spreading sadism, the US has gotten pretty good at spreading suicidality, making detainees lives not worth living: leaving them to freeze half to death, isolating them, feeding them them in ways that intentionally cause pain (uh, this would constitute torture).

Mr. Wilner, who was among the first lawyers to accept clients at Guantanamo and represented them in a case in 2004 before the Supreme Court, said a Kuwaiti detainee, Fawzi al-Odah, told him last week that around Dec. 20, guards began taking away items like shoes, towels and blankets from the hunger strikers.
Mr. Odah also said that lozenges that had been distributed to soothe the hunger strikers' throats had disappeared and that the liquid formula they were given was mixed with other ingredients to cause diarrhea, Mr. Wilner said. . . .

Mr. Odah said he heard "screams of pain" from a hunger striker in the next cell as a thick tube was inserted into his nose. . .
Another lawyer, Joshua Colangelo-Bryan, said one of his three Bahraini clients, Jum'ah al-Dossari, told him about 10 days ago that more than half of a group of 34 long-term hunger strikers had abandoned their protest after being strapped in restraint chairs and having their feeding tubes inserted and removed so violently that some bled or fainted.

Your tax dollars at work, ladies and gentlemen. Your tax dollars at work.


Neil Shakespeare said...

Sounds like we're gettin' our money's worth, alright...

enigma4ever said...

WHY can't the Elected reps find their balls and take a stance on this....It's disgusting...shameful

No Blood for Hubris said...

Neil: You betcha.

e4e: beats me.

Lily said...

Yes, lets all remember that when we file our returns. Money well spent on dehumanizing and exploiting people in our names.

No Blood for Hubris said...