Saturday, May 13, 2006

CoWard Bush Lets US Troops Go Hungry

Not enough armor for vehicles. Not enough body armor. Punishing troops who dare to buy themselves better body armor. Selling out army cooks in favor of food whipped up at high prices by well-connected conglomerates.

Not enough treatment for vets with PTSD. Trying to cut down on treatment for vets with PTSD. Nickle-and-diming the troops, is that what they call "supporting" them, in the Bushist fascist up-is-down-ist way?

Now, the incompetent Bushists let their men and women go hungry. Nice.

Via the Providence Journal:
The Iraq war has been the war fought on the cheap: not enough body armor, not enough armor on vehicles, not enough night vision equipment.

It has been the war in which packages from back home have had to fill some crucial needs.

Now, we have chow call at the Greenwood Credit Union in Warwick, R.I. It's the latest in home-front intervention. It's partially in response to the unthinkable image of U.S. Marines approaching Iraqi citizens and asking for food because they do not have enough. . . .

Nick Andoscia went to Iraq. And hunger soon followed. . . "He told [his mother that only] two meals [a day] just weren't cutting it. He said the Iraqi food was usually better. They were going to the Iraqis and basically saying, 'feed me.'"

. . . .The last thing [a soldier] should have to worry about is an empty stomach. The last thing he should have to do is approach Iraqis and ask for food.

You have to wonder what the gracious hosts must think when a fighting man from the richest country on earth comes to their door in search of something to eat.

Full story here.

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Shimmy said...

Thanks for a great post. Sometimes I lie down on the floor, shaking, because Bush hates his own troops so much. He spends so much time hosing the blood of Rumsfeld that he forgets to feed his own soldiers.