Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sexism, Lies, & Videotape: Dirty Bush -- A Boor for All Seasons


First Dirty Bush regales the newly-elected Chancellor of Germany at the G8 with endless pig jokes until she shrivels up her face in revulsion -- well, hey, of course, there was boar on the menu (boor/boar? say, is that a "minimal pair"?), so naturally Preznit Toad-Exploder assumed that a girlie-girl Chancellor would want to talk, not about the Middle East, but about cooking. Or food. Or like pigs or something. Hey, Freud didn't know either -- what does a woman want, eh?

Then, later, he gropes her.

Bush is oblivious to physical boundaries, oblivious to protocol, oblivious to everything. He puts his hands on her because he thinks he can get away with it. God knows why she didn't smash him in the face.

Possibly because -- she's the frickin' Chancellor of frickin' Germany?

Say whut? Not just some secretary this time. He picks -- THE FRICKIN' CHANCELLOR OF FRICKIN' GERMANY.

Bubble Boy thinks he can get away with it because she'sstill just a chick. Which totally trumps being frickin' Chancellor of frickin' Germany, eh?


What a creep.

And there's a theme here.

Tell me about Dirty Dick Cheney thinking that if "the little woman" sent Joe Wilson on a trip, that that made his trip somehow by definition worthless. Hunh?

Tell me about Dirty Dick Cheney, some say, and Closet Cupcake Rove, some say, spreading it all around that Valerie Plame couldn't possibly be a NOC because, well, because she's a girrrl! As in a secretary. Hunh?

Earth to Bush-huggers. Yo. Being sexist is a really really bad thing to be. So is saying really stupid stuff.

Thought you'd all like to know. Inventing fire would be, on the other hand, a good thing. Let me know when you feel up to it, Bush-huggers.

You know, that new concept: fire?

Not holding my breath. Well guess we better leave inventions to the libruls instead of the totalitarian D-students, eh?

Oh, and may I take this opportunity to express disgust, revulsion, vicarious embarrassment at Bubble Boy's table manners? Those really bizarre ones the displayed during the incident transcribed here? Stuff he should have learned better than when he was, oh maybe, five?

Regard the Dirty Bush/Blair 'shit' video, and enjoy the so-called leader of the free world not only talking with his mouth full, and chewing with his mouth open. Yuk Yecch.

He's playing 'ya like seafood?/see-food' or something? Where was pearlsy/swiney college dropout Mommy Barbara Bush when she was supposed to be teaching little Bubble Boy manners, sucking down six quarts of martinis instead? Did she teach him nothing, or is he on drugs, or what? What is wrong with Bubble Boy, clinically speaking?

Yeah, this guy's gonna be saving Western Civilization someday real soon. What a boor.

What a maroon.


jcricket said...

Take a good look at Bush's face in the pic. Have you ever seen an expression so vacuous? What is up with this guy? No brains. No social skills. No political skills (Rove is his brain in politics, remember?). No diplomatic skills. The guy is clearly no longer a dry drunk. The job has always been way over his head, and he is doing nothing but demonstrating that the Peter Principle is alive and well in The Executive Branch of the US Government. Bush cannot continue to try to pretend he is capable. His avalanched approval numbers are never going to be anything other than what they currently are. He knows deep down that most of the country is on to his sleight-of-hand presidency. The shell game is over. If ever there was a time to fall off the wagon, it is now. Look at him. Does he really look like his brain is on speaking terms with everyone else in the room?

Bush is nothing but a constant embarrassment. That, and an AA Sponsor's mission.

No Blood for Hubris said...

Hear, hear, jcricket.

enigma4ever said...

JCricket got it right....and what a friggin' mess...he is addlebrained and also a clear picture of what too much drugs and alcohol will do to 2 brain cells...What a fuckhead...and about the manners- I am stunned things are worse than ever...I am so embarrassed...SHAME has a FACE...and yup it is the one in that picture...ugggggh

carol lennon said...


te gusta cesar vallejo..
Hay golpes en la vida tan fuertes tan fuerte yo no sé...

No Blood for Hubris said...


Welcome, Carol.