Friday, December 08, 2006

Iraq = Bush's Botched Joke

What's so funny about Iraq, Bubble Boy's botched joke?


Seems way less funny than his famed knee-slapper where he crawled around on all fours, looking under furniture, not finding those pesky WMDs.

Maybe it's time, you know, not to elect dyslexic megalomaniac cheerleaders as President. Maybe it's time to, you know, stop Khmer-Rouge-esquely dumping on the intelligent for being intelligent, and start dumping on morons for being morons.

I'm ready to return to leaders with foresight that actually works.

Any Republicans out there with a conscience? Anyone feeling bad about the actions of your selected/elected moron fearful fearless leader?

The one who's led America into moral and fiscal bankruptcy? The one who promotes torture, while gutting habeas corpus? The one with zero respect for the rule of law?

You should. You bought him, he broke it. All of it.

Abu Ghraib, Gitmo.




Who will be the last to die for Bush's botched joke?


O'Brien said...

Please visit to learn of our creative protest against the MCA.

pissed off patricia said...

Yes, and what about those names we were called if we didn't support this Iraq invasion? We were called traitors and all such when we said NO to the war. Seems to me that we were the real patriots as we tried to protect our country's militarty and keep them out of war. We tried to keep them safe. But no one listened to us. We were right!

Anonymous said...

Yes, exactly.