Thursday, June 21, 2007

Oh Look, WaPo's Got Another Sexist Article on Senator Clinton! I'm Shocked, Shocked!!

A sexist article on Senator Clinton! What a novel concept!!

Oh, and they got an actual woman to write it!

But say -- was Phyllis Schlafly too busy that day? Oh, and do you notice in this picture why everything's just as it ought to be?

It all began long ago when they got slaves to write about how great slavery is, and that worked out well, did it not? Or you know, maybe not?

Maybe they could get Markos to write a seminal article about how women in blogtopia who write about sexism in blogtopia are hysterics who are diluting the forward progress of way more important things, eh?

But enough of that.

Let's have a little healthy competition: read that article, and identify just how many pejorative terms, sexist phrasings, and demeaning coverage choices YOU can find, dear Readers!!


enigma4ever said... had me laughing and cursing....some things just never is staggering...

No Blood for Hubris said...

Yes, but did you count up for the contest?!! We're being interactive!!

enigma4ever said...

huh? What contest ? BTW I am amazed at were sooooo usual...