Thursday, August 30, 2007

Senator Larry Has His Own Private Idaho? His Own Private Idaho Ho'? Ho ho ho.

First it was poopy-filled diaper Republican fetishist Senator Vitter.

Now it's anti-gay marriage activist, fake-married, closet homosexual homophobe Republican Senator Larry Craig of Idaho getting caught with his pants down, too.

Yes, no doubt, Senator Larry Craig, like Abu Gonzo Gonzalez, is just a good man whose name is been smeared by . . . .smeared with. . . unwarranted . . . . (long pause from beleaguered Preznit?) . . . mud?

Or whatever.

Senator "Larry" Craig's name is joining the long long list of Republican adulterers, pedophiles, wife-beaters, public adulterers, cancer-stricken wife-abandoners, fake heterosexuals who are loudly anti-gay and seek public sex, lying "family values" guys who indulge themselves in pay as you go sex with male prostitutes and female prostitutes, sometimes paying to be made to be forced to be sexual in poop-filled diapers (my personal GOPervert party favorite).

I think they're all "biblical" Christians, too.

O my God.

(Cartoons here.)

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