Thursday, February 14, 2008

Effeminate Tubby Druggie Rush Limbaugh Ravaged By Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome: O my!

Tubby Druggie Rush is really hurtin', people. He's cryin' out like a wussy mama's boy, he's cryin' out fer help. He's got TDS.

Poor boy's got TDS. Yikes.

Rush just can't get it up anymore, Swiftboat-smearwise. He ain't UP to it, even via chemical assist.

Should we snag this Sniggering TDS Fratboy some actual Viagra? Some compassion Oxycontin?

Well, sure, it's too little too late, but I think Rush Limbaugh needs to be on a permanent indwelling Testosterone Drip. Big-time.

Limbaugh returned to "testicle lockbox"; claimed Clinton "reminds men of the worst characteristics of women."

Rush Limbaugh revived his claims about Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's so-called "testicle lockbox," stating:

"Clinton's testicle lockbox is big enough for the entire Democrat (sic) hierarchy, not just some people in the media. . .. Her lockbox, her testicle lockbox can handle everybody in the Democrat (sic) hierarchy."

Limbaugh later claimed that Clinton "reminds men of the worst characteristics of women they've encountered over their life: totally controlling, not soft and cuddly. Not sympathetic. Not patient. Not understanding. Demanding, domineering, Nurse Ratched, kind of thing."

Wow. Freudian, or what? I thought castration anxiety went out, like, AGES ago. Decades.

For healthy males, it's a non-issue. But not for sniggering fratboys like Chris Matthews, Tucker ("Bow-tie & Pink Shirt) Carlson, Lester Holt, Shuster, O'Reilly.)

And really not for Tubby Druggie Rush.

He's got it BAAD.

Yep. Someone definitely HAS Rush's balls in a lockbox.

I think it's probably Mommy -- Rush's Mommy. He should be asking her, please, Mommy, please, let my testicles go.

Mommy didn't love Rush enough. We all wonder -- why not? Was Rush an unwanted child? Hm? His Mommy didn't love him? Was she controlling, domineering, or did she just think her little boy was just a nasty little pig? We don't know. But we do know that he has no testosterone.


And that's just not pretty.



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