Thursday, January 22, 2009

And Now for Something Completely Like Other Disturbing True Storiez

Daddy chains daughter to bed.
"She was indeed chained to her bed and shackled by her right ankle," the report states, noting that she was found "emotionally distraught and crying uncontrollably."

Clark County District Attorney David Roger said the accusations against the 53-year-old father are some of the most egregious he's seen in child abuse cases.

"While I've seen terrible things done to children, this tops most," Roger said Tuesday.

Mommy's boyfriend breaks one-year old's leg.

Mommy gets probation for failure to stop child abuse of her child by her boyfriend involving bite marks, bruises, burns, and broken ribs.

Parents on trial for for reckless endangerment in death of 11 year old daughter because their religious beliefs prevented them from taking her to a doctor.

Mommy's BF beats 5th grader to death; child protective services had been warned, but deemed the child "not at imminent risk." Well, oopsie.

While we're talking about restoring the US physical infrastructure, let's put some energy into social infrastructure, eh? For a change. Oh, except that in my state, a blue state with a Democratic governor, they've just fired (oh 'laid off') case management support for people who are psychotic and actively suicidal. Well, that's a good idea. And they're cutting dwon session auths for outpatient services -- while behavioral symptoms (child abuse & neglect, domestic violence, substance abuse, crime) are going UP. Oh, and child protective service workers are seeing twice the recommended caseload. No biggie.

Hey, it's hard times. People just need to deal with their feeeeeelings, no?


Anonymous said...

No Blood For Hubris:

I know about your refusal to descend to my animal savagery, but I would like to spend 10-15 minutes with her daddy and nice, supple willow switch.


No Blood for Hubris said...

Something's very wrong with these daddies and mommies and significant others. Not unlike what's wrong with bush and cheney and rummy and and yoo and colonel geoffrey miller.