Saturday, March 04, 2006

2005 Koufax Awards Voting Opens at Wampum

The polls are open at the Koufax Awards for best lefty blogs in many categories, here.

No Blood for Hubris was nominated for Best New Blog, and Blog Most Deserving Wider Recognition. (Also, for Best Post: here and here.)

It was an honor to be among the nominees.

Quoth Wampum:
From our point of view, the important work of the awards is mostly complete. We view the nominating process and the posting of links to all the nominated blogs, posts, and series as the core of the awards.

If the idea is to build community and honor people who have provided free information, enlightenment, and entertainment over an entire year (and it is), that job is mostly done.
Wampum has done a great job of community-building; if you are able to offer them some financial support to encourage their efforts, please please do so.

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