Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Say, Is That Groundswell a Rising Electability Tsunami, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Now, remember, boys and girls -- it's all about beating the Bushist fascists to a pulp in November, is it not?

From Corrente, "Clinton Election Juggernaut Accelerates."

From Hominid Views, stats suggest an 89.1% Probability of Clinton Winning Against McCain' 10.9%.

Update: From Hominid Views, Clinton continues strength against McCain: now 89.3%.

And yet more from Hominid Views, here.

From Anglachel, "Fear and Loathing."

From Big Tent Democrat, "Is a Funny Thing Happening On the Way To Obama's Coronation?"

My current personal favorite -- from TPM, an actual Obama supporter reports on Weekend Electability Simulations.

"This week I ran 100,000 trials for both Obama/McCain and Clinton/McCain matchups.

The results:
Obama wins 37.1%, averages 264.7 EV
McCain wins 61.3%, averages 273.3 EV
Electoral tie 1.6%

Clinton wins 99.0%, averages 290.7 EV
McCain wins 0.8%, averages 247.3 EV
Electoral tie 0.2%

This week is both the strongest Clinton has been, and the weakest Obama has been, since I've started running this simulation."

These numbers were run this weekend, May 17, 2008.

Tide? Turned?

In Oregon, Clinton Blasts McCain at Portland Town Hall Meeting That Obama Turned Down

Then, there's WomenCount PAC.

And let's never ever forget, "Go Away, You Horrible Human Being," by fellow Democrat John Aravosis, because that's what intra-party amity is all about, is it not?


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