Sunday, May 11, 2008

Shakesville: Hillary Sexism Watch Number NINETY

Come on, people.

You can't be progressive and do shit like this.

You just can't.


BillyWitchDoctor said...

You can't be progressive and do shit like this.

That depends on your definition of "progressive."

There's "progressive" as in "liberal, having progressive political policies."

And then there's "Progressive" (note the capital) as in "Republican-disliking, Democrat-loathing, and (secretly) liberal-hating closeted fascist, with more in common with neo-conservatives than liberals."

Like neo-cons, the phony, capital-P "Progressives" feign devotion to their party, flag, church, and/or allies but they have only one true god--their personal political dogma. And they're happier with a Republican in office, because (in the "Progressive's" case) it maintains their "defiant underdog" fantasy. Successful Dems enrage the Progressive, who engages in cheap smears and fantasies of violence against them--just like neo-cons.

They've infested the liberal blogosphere for years, shouting down any voice of moderation, and genuine liberals haven't exactly been checking the nest for snakes. We need to relearn the old saying in its truer form: "the enemy of my enemy is not my friend, but just another enemy who can use me for the moment."

These "Progressives" are the ones telling us for the past decade that Dems and Republicans are exactly the same, that Gore and Bush are/were exactly the same, that Gore was a bore and Tipper was a Nazi, that Kerry was scary and Dean was mean, and that anyone who didn't vote Nader or stay home wasn't a real liberal.

Now they're calling anyone who votes for Hillary a racist. They've settled on "Outsider" Obama only because Nader's become a recurrent joke and "Draft Gore" (oh, suddenly he's not the same as Bush!!) didn't generate enough interest.

Before the Dem nomination became a two-person contest, they were the ones asking if Obama was "black enough." But now it's him or Clinton, and by God, they hate the Clintons. They work hand in hand with neo-cons to defame the Clintons at every opportunity.

Will the "Progressives" turn on Obama? After all, as noted above, they fear Dem success. Will Obama's "outsider" status suddenly wear off? Will they fall back to "Vote For Nader Or You're Not A Real Progressive!!" once Clinton is out of the picture and failure is assured? We'll see.

No Blood for Hubris said...

Be still, my heart!

There is the great ghost of Faux-Liberal Manichaean Naderite non-sense sensibility fueling all this intra-party uber-vitriol.

After all, the war in Iraq, 9/11, moral & fiscal bankruptcy, FEMA, was ALL Clinton's faults. Both of thems. Damn thems to hell anyhow, the swine.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

Let the Fauxgressive Kewl Doodz riot figuratively on the blogs.

Hell, let 'em riot literally in the streets if they wish.

Because come November 4, we the unkewl will riot the way WE riot.

We'll withhold our votes from their precious Golden Guru.

Although by then, it probably won't matter if we DO forgive them all and vote for Obama, because by then the Elephascists and the Corporate Holodeck Media will have made Bill Ayers Obama's running mate, just as they once made Willie Horton Dukakis's running mate.

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