Saturday, June 07, 2008

It's All Our Fault If Obama Loses, BTW, Sweeties

Yuh, in case you were wondering.

They're so cute, the Obamists, are they not, when they're trying to shove Party Unity Pony, spandex spangles and all, down your throat?

How about this lil' lady's piece, right , here, from The New Republic.
Watch out. It's proudly sexist and ageist, which seem to be hallmarks of the New Faux Liberalism.

She calls it "Clinton Dead-Enders and the Crisis in the Women's Movement."

"Clinton Dead-Enders"?

What a charmer!

Why would I not support your boundless contempt, eh?

Oh, and here's CNN covering up Obama going golfing while the stupid bitch finally calls it quits. CNN tried to cover it up, because, you know, maybe it makes him look, well, you know, insensitive or Bush-like or something?


Maura said...


and you know, being a white woman in WV, I don't know how easy it'll be to defend Obama if he can't counter the lingering bigotry against those who didn't vote for him.

Mister Pleasant said...

Anglachel has a great post up today about "Clinton Democrats". There are still a lot of us around - 18 million at last count. I have to decline going to the link you provided, as my blood pressure is high enough as it is. But I get the gist of it.

Regarding Barack's decision to go golfing during Hillary's speech - he just keeps proving what a classy guy he is.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

Golfing? Not windsurfing? ;)

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Pop quiz: Why is support for Hillary assumed to be racist...but not the ZOMG ISN'T IT AWESOME BLACK MAN WON BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK nonsense I read in the LTTEs and editorials at least once every other day? (Especially coming from the crowd that, a few short months ago, was asking out loud if Obama was "black enough.")

Meanwhile, those wonderful, Progressive Dems are scrambling over one another to push Hillary under the bus. Accusations of racism are old and flat, so "Hillary supporter" Rob Andrews is dusting off some rancid neocon bullshit* about anti-semitism to convince Hillary supporters to slide on over to William Ayers' Defender:

*Hey, neo-progressives and neo-conservatives working hand-in-hand! Again! It's if there's a PATTERN of such behavior!

Superdelegate Andrews just got his ass handed to him in his own election, so you can figure out why he's spreading his cheeks for Obama...and it's not "to unify the party." Bill "Who?" Richardson would be proud, dude.

This cult is the biggest pack of sore winners I've ever seen; even after the concession, they cannot and will not let it be. I will enjoy watching them re-enact Jonestown in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, of course we've all seen the new Corporate-Owned-MSM meme about Obama's "challenge" to win over "Hillary's women."

My hairy scrotum and heterosexual urges might have issues with this blatant attempt to dismiss any and all ongoing support for Hillary as some sort of dumb-blonde woman-driver hysterical hormonalism. Who writes this stuff, Rush Limbaugh?

It just CAN'T be because we prefer her policies, trust her and her experience, and don't drink the Obama Bandwagon (TM) Brand Change-Flavored Kool-Aid because we're already all too familiar with that nasty stuff, with its crappy aftertaste and debilitating side-effects.

No, it has to be because we're all racist, anti-semitic, hysterical women.

Fine. I was going to write-in Hillary anyway; this garbage just makes me more determined to do so. Keep it up.

(And again, it ALSO tickles me that the fools who insisted on voting for Nader in the last two elections are now insisting that we HAVE to support the party candidate this time. Man, that's hilarious.)

Anonymous said...

Yes. You're right.

Why do they think that continued battering of Clinton dead-enders will result in increased support for The Chosen One?

Dulcy said...

Thanks so much for posting the golf charade, now scrubbed. I see that now CNN says "Hillary's next job: bring votes to Obama". Ah, the-handmaiden-of-destiny-trick.
Since everything Obama does is calculated, being "seen" with golf clubs while/when Hillary is speaking is a gesture of the utmost disdain.
I still haven't figured out whether he's just another Chicago hack/thug, or an empty suit. Whatever, he and his handlers are masterful politicians. I still think Axelrod is in a p______ contest with Rove.