Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Real McCoy McCain


As part of my bittersweet bittersweetie healing ritual, I'm going to concentrate for a while on the Real McCain, he who cunt-called his (second) wife, he who remained silent when asked how he was going to beat "the bitch," he who told in public the following joke: "Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno."

Here, John tells us how he wants to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Here, John tells us that he will
"reduce the pain of high gas prices." What's he going to use? Morphine?

Here, John tells us how he wants to stay in Iraq until Al Qaeda in Iraq is defeated. No, honestly, he really said that. About Al Qaeda in Iraq. Which wasn't there, prior to, you know, the invasion that John fully supported. And John is a little bit fuzzy still about telling Shi'a from Shinola. But hey. This guy was tortured. And he's pro-torture! Pro-torture torturees make great Presidents, I'm told.

To illustrate his character, here's John's classic-Republican-ugly-fat-poor-old-first-wife-dumping kinda guy . This isn't the wife he called a cunt, mind you, that's Cindy, the blonde rich one who's young enough to be his daughter, not that there's anything wrong with that. A good catch for John, she bankrolled his run for Congress -- John McCain who also called second wife Cindy a trollop. Because Cindy had too much makeup on and remarked on John's thinning hair. In particular, I like that John left his first wife because she was in a car accident and came out limping. After the war, he came home limping, but that was ok.

Our John seems like quite the sweetie, does he not?

Just to keep the poor traumatized Unity Pony on life support at least, keeping the conversation going, here's The Village is a Sack of Pus Waiting to Burst, from lambert at Corrente.

Here is one of my two favorite Obama-supporting bloggers, Big Tent Democrat, a person who actually gets it, "A New Version of the Malign Acceptance of Sexism.". When I read his short but sweet post, I can almost feel Unity Pony's long curly eyelashes begin to flutter, in a subtle sign of life, perhaps?

Here is the other of my two favorite Obama-supporting bloggers, Jesus' General, featuring John McCain in "I'm So Sexy for the Pundits."


RonPaulisOverrated said...

Why do you keep calling Big Tent Democrat an Obama-supporting blogger? He's not. From what I've read on TalkLeft, he uses most of his posts to criticize Obama and commend Hillary. He's about as pro-Obama as Lee Ward of WizbangBlue.

And every post Lee Ward wrote was how weak Obama is and how strong Hillary will be. That is, until he realized Obama was going to win. So yeah, he's an Obama supporter, but not by choice.

No Blood for Hubris said...

I'vet been reading BTD and TalkLeft for the past few months, and for as long as I have been reading it, Jeralyn was the one supporting Hillary, and BTD was the one supporting Obama. Strongly.

RonPaulisOverrated said...

huh. okay thanks for clarifying.