Friday, June 13, 2008

Unity Pony DeathWatch?/Unity Pony ResuscitationWatch?

I think I'm evolving. That's a little scary. I woke up this morning and found my mind had, of its own accord, changed.

Again. Well, you know how broads are.

A couple of days ago I decided, having teetered on the brink for some time, and with consultation with people I respect and shutting out my experiences with vitriolic persons who behave like Bushist fascists in Liberal Democrats' clothing, NOT to follow the Way of the Puma (and those of you who know what I'm talking about know what I'm talking about).

This morning I discovered that I want Hillary Clinton to be on this ticket any old way at all, even as VP.

Framing it thus: Hillary consents to be VP, and her role as VP changes by specific agreement with her running-mate, from the role of all previous Vice-Presidents: she assertss power as VP, with her own portfolio of issues, such as universal health care. The Democratic party and Barack Obama throw their support behind the ERA. The Democratic party, all of it, figures out that to be sexist equals not being a Democrat. The party re-defines itself in a civil manner, rejecting this odd virus of demonizing that it has somehow caught from Karl "Miss Piggy" Rove.

Demonize the demons of the anti-habeas corpus, moral/fiscal bankruptcy-of-America, pro-torture crowd for a change, why don't we?



Remember Bushist George Will, who really really wanted Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race for the good of his party?

Well, now he really really wants Hillary Clinton NOT to be Obama's VEEP. Then George says that Obama would look pussywhipped if he chose her. Hm. Someone's got his panties in a twist. Maybe Unity ticket = Democratic Party landslide?

Paul Krugman, one of the few who really gets it, "Who, us? Sexist?"

HOWARD Dean tells it like it is. At least he knows how to use the S word. A beginning. On the other hand, the article is accompanied by a headless shot of Hillary's cleavage. New York Times. Feh.

This is a great clip, by Sarah Haskins via Shakesville, of Obama and McCain both targeting Hillary Clinton voters: TARGET WOMEN: SUFFRAGE.


Morganjane said...

Looks like they have won you over. Obama's camp think we will come around in time and forget what they did... I found myself hoping for the same thing, the way I hoped the superdelegates would save us from this failure that is Obama. But I don't want Hillary tarnished by this man. To me, Obama and this new DNC are frauds. I could cry everytime I think that Bill and Hill were forced to endorse this man after what they did to him. I say Obama and Dean made their bed... let them lie in it! Hillary needs no part of it. Do you really think Obama can win, he can't even with Hillary on the ticket.

RonPaulisOverrated said...

Yes He Can!

From dailykos:

Rasmussen. 6/10. Likely voters. MoE 4% (5/13 results)

McCain (R) 38 (42)
Obama (D) 45 (44)

The internals:

6/10 Total Men Wom GOP Dem Other
McCain 38 45 32 82 10 29
Obama 45 38 51 8 77 44

5/13 Total Men Wom GOP Dem Other
McCain 42 46 39 77 18 38
Obama 44 42 47 11 71 45

That's a 12-point swing in Obama's direction with women, and a 14-point swing among Democrats. There's still plenty of room for Obama to grow, as he continues working to unite the party. Considering these trends, Obama will put away Iowa early.

RonPaulisOverrated said...

I should have mentioned it earlier, but that is a poll for Iowa.

No Blood for Hubris said...

It's not like I don't agree with you. I think that the O camp has not yet realized that it must very seriously negotiate with the large hunk of the party that has seceded during the Sweetie Rebellion. Once they figure that out -- which is why the PUMA thing is a very interesting development. If such a large part of the party is going on virtual strike, then management may be forced to negotiate. Right now, they think they can get by with scabs. But they can't.

I think that with Hillary on the ticket he/they will be forced to stop treating her, and her followers and he/they have been. I think the commitment to ERA would be very helpful. I think re-designing the vice-presidency to make it palatable to HRC would be great.

He/they think they're in a strong negotiating position, but they're not. We are.

I think we need to use that strength to take O and his team in a winning direction, our winning direction.

RonPaulisOverrated said...

I agree with you that the Obama camp should negotiate with Hillary supporters. But what are they supposed to say? I want people on this website to vote for Obama, but if they're unhappy over Clinton's defeat, I can only sit on my hands and wait. They say the Obama camp should negotiate, yet they themselves, as Tennessee Guerilla Women put it, are not ready to make nice.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

I won't fault anyone for voting Obama over McSame.

But personally, it's now about teaching the Neo-Progressives that, no, you can't adopt the same smear tactics as neocons (and often the very same smears), push Nader for two elections (to the detriment of the entire nation), call me an anti-liberal/racist/Nazi/babykiller/whatever because I refuse to worship Obama unquestioningly, and then have the utter gall to fold your arms, smirk, and say to me, "now that we have The Whore out of the way, you have to play along with us or else."

Come hell or high water, I will not reward them that way. Doing so just guarantees that in four years they will simply do it all again. It's never too early to push back.

I think I can survive another Bush term. I don't think we can survive too many more years of a stranglehold on the short hairs of the party by neoprogs.

Megaman_X said...

All right. Pretend I'm an Obama supporter. (I'm not, I just want a Democratic president) What do you want me say to you? How do I convince you that I'm not like whoever you described in your first paragraph?

RonPaulisOverrated said...

Whoops! I used the wrong name. That last post was from me, RonPaulisOverrated.

No Blood for Hubris said...

Hey, Billy.

I agree with you completely

But I want to take the Democratic Party back. Now, not in four years. Right now. I've had enough of Faux-Left Manichaean Naderite sexism. And all the rest of it. I'm not waiting for another four f*cking year.s

Megaman_X said...

Voting for McCain (or just opposing Obama in general) isn't going to do anything to address the issue of sexism. If anything, you'll just make it worse. Read this to get an idea of just how much more sexist a McCain presidency will be.

No Blood for Hubris said...

Oh god.

Yeah, opposing sexism will just make sexism worse.

You don't get, megamanronpaul. You need to. If you're a Dem, anyhow.

Billy, where are you? Can you explain to this person?

And billy, could you please start your own blog? Or leave a link if you already have one?

RonPaulisOverrated said...

Did you read the link I posted? I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say. Allowing McCain to become president is the opposite of opposing sexism. That's why it will make sexism worse.

No Blood for Hubris said...

Did you see who I just endorsed, ron/mega?