Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Would Someone Please Hold Obama's Feet to the Fire So I Don't Have To? I'm a Little Busy Today. Thx.

Yes, I know that Unity Pony is back on life support.

Too many frickin' spangles. Too much arugula. I told her so, but would she listen, the bitch? Nah.

The cure is here, via Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy posting at correntewire. (One really needs the hypertext to appreciate the brilliance of this post, and of the most of the comment thread that follows).

(Those of you who litmus-test party loyalty are directed to this here post here wherein VastLeft endorses you-know-who, just as I did, but he did it a day earlier).

Some of us have become personae non grata by noticing again and again how far from a tonic for what ails Bush-afflicted America Barack Obama really is. One of the great, undertold stories of this campaign is the complete meltdown of the left blogosphere, where virtually no intelligent intra-party debate remained possible because major forums like Daily Kos and Democratic Underground — and practically every A-list blog’s comments threads — turned into echo chambers for Clinton hate and Obama infallibility.

Nearly every leading blog put its thumb on the scale for Obama, willing into reality the idea that this equivalating fellow with minutes’ worth of experience in the Senate was an ideal standard-bearer for progressive values – despite rhetoric that gave ground to the radical right with every syllable, and despite throwing Democratic constituencies under the bus at every turn.

Go read it. All the way to the arugulous end.

Oh come on. What do I have to do, beg?


"Read his post, and its hypertext, and the comment thread, or else I'll kill off Unity Pony?"

Work with me here, people.

Takes two sides to do the Unity Pony Tango.

After you're done, read Arthur Silber. It's good for your complete recovery from Bushist fascism and its ceaseless moral bankruptcy. at powerofnarrative).

(And send Arthur some money, like good progressive bodhisattvas, eh?)

And what's up with FISA? Can we hold everyone's feet to the fire so they support Feingold and Dodd, pretty plse.? Thx?

Here's Act Blue re FISA accountability (h/t to JC)

And here's another condescending post to make Unity Pony just a little sicker than she already is. Not to mention, this one, Invisible Women. I hadn't even noticed how de-materialized I've become.


Gen. JC Christian, Patriot said...

whew! you linked to austin. I was worried. ilve been throwing things at the unity pony. but i.m back on my meds now.

No Blood for Hubris said...

One was worried when, after one wrote this aruglated post and published it this early AM, one discovered you had last night already kindly linked to one's blog for one's blogiversary.

One thought, "Uh-oh. Perhaps the General will not be pleased with Unity Pony's progress?"

So I made it into a puff piece?