Saturday, November 29, 2008

Racist Fundamentalists F*ck Up in Mumbai: Fail to Kill Quota; Russian Says Gunmen Likely US Special Ops-Trained


It's ok. So they were short by 4700 sentient beings.

Everybody makes mistakes.

Plus: Russian terror expert says gunmen had US special ops training.

"The handwriting and character of the Mumbai events demonstrates that they were not ordinary terrorists," said Vladimir Klyukin, an Afghan war veteran.

"Behind this terrorist attack there are 'Green Flag' special operations forces, which were created by the Americans in Pakistan, just an year before the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, and in the initial period were under full US control," stressed Klyukin, a veteran of the special "Vympel" commando group of the former Soviet KGB.

He said for such guerrilla operations at least two-three years of preparatory work with the involvement of experienced instructors is required.

Klyukin did not rule out that the Mumbai attackers could have taken part in similar attacks in other regions.

"People from the streets, without any planning and training are simply not able to hold four big complexes in a city so long," Soviet special services veteran was quoted as saying by largest Russian Interfax news agency.

He also presumed that there were at least 50 attackers given the geography and scale of the strikes.


democommie said...

They could not possibly have been trained by the russians. They don't drink vodka.

No Blood for Hubris said...


Vodka=drinking Russian says these guys trained by US of A special ops.

Must mean 2nd generation. they're too young otherwise.