Monday, November 17, 2008

Get Your Church Out of My State

Oh good.

We so like it when civil rights are determined by majority rule, a majority propagandized and hyped by churches pushing specific behavioral agendas.

What's next?

Mosaic Law?

Slavery -- on an up-or-down vote?

Hey, the sky's the limit if you can organize bigots to vote the way your church wants, eh? (Me, I'm pushing the legislative agenda of Buddhists Against Roach Motels).

Mormon interference in Proposition 8 and Catholic interference in the Presidential election do not constitute an exercise in freedom of speech. It is meddling in politics.

If churches want to do politics, fine, but if they do, they must be stripped of their precious tax exemptions.

Which makes the whole thing more about karma, cause and effect, does it not?


Kvatch said...

Time to lift the LDS Church's tax-exempt status just before we forcibly annul all marriages performed in Mormon temples.

Then, and only then, will we be prepared to discuss the marriage on an level playing field.

Vets said...

And I'd like them to stop posthumously baptizing all my ancestors, just for the record. Sheesh.

terrier_jack said...

Don't tar all of us Buddhists with the same roach motel - notice when you turn on the light they run towards the center of the room? Karma, baby - release me! Which is pretty much what these 'things-will-be-perfect' when I die people are pushing. Only they don't have the courage to run to the center - they scurry around the fringe crapping on everything.