Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama, Lama

As is said:

May all beings have happiness and the causes of happiness.

May all beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering.

May all beings never be apart from the great happiness that is free from suffering.

May all beings remain in the great evenness of mind free from passion, aggression,and ignorance.


hat-tip for pic to The Out of Joint Times.


Anonymous said...

When and where was this picture taken?

No Blood for Hubris said...


ask The Out of Joint Times.

Anonymous said...

not credited

r u sure it wasn't photoshopped?

the rev. paperboy said...

well it wasn't taken this week, cause the Lama was in my neighbourhood this week, & btw he says hi

Anonymous said...

2005 at a US Senate event.

Lets hope he keeps his promise to support HH and the Tibetan cause.

Bonny said...

HHDL was given the congressional medal of honor. Here is a link to another photo from the same time Obama has this picture on his website.