Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Let's Be Thankful We're Not Forgetting Why It's Important Not to Treat Other Sentient Beings Like Pieces Of Sh*t

Mumbai. 121 dead 328 injured as of :2:33 ESTsting. WaPo update here.

One case of incest. Well, two really. With nine kids to show for it.

Boy held captive by father for half of life.

Austrian Incest Dad.

Foster parents in 'house of torture" get one year in jail each.

Stepfather convicted in Poutre case: child beaten with basebal bat, thrown down stairs.

Note: I had just finished writing this post when I went to check out what Jesus' General is up to. Seems like MJS of JG is riffing on similar themes: Sharing the Good News of Utter Despisement.

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