Friday, June 26, 2009

HufPo: Another Sexist Article on a Prominent US Politician

HuffPo is supposed to be a liberal site?

Well, guess what. It isn't.

Regarding females primarily as sex objects is uh -- duh -- sexist. And that's uh -- duh -- bad.

This is maybe the fifth article from HuffPo in the past month that is openly, overtly sexist. Call for others to get their panties in a twist, plse.

Maria Cantwell Voted Sexiest Senator.


xian-x said...

HuffPo is simply CNN for those upper middle class folks who find it fashionable to fancy themselves "progressives". In addition to HuffPo's blatant and rampant sexism, it also offers light-hearted "comedy" entertainment, such as " Tasering video.." ( )

No Blood for Hubris said...

Odd, isn't it?