Friday, May 23, 2008

Clinton Trounces McCain Who Trounces Obama; Aravosis, Kos Suffer From Acute & Chronic PMS

Hi there, boys and girls! You enjoying the socio-political atmosphere these days?

I sure am.

Oh, and while we're having fun, let's check out the electability tsunami for today at Hominid Views.



99.9% probability of winning in a Clinton/McCain match-up?

w00t! Let's make sure the superdelegates don't know about that!



80.7% probability of McCain winning against Obama. But who really cares about winning, eh?


Let's make SURE we nominate the guy who's going to lose to McCain, because that really demonstrates party unity!

Now let's check on Aravosis/Kos, bloggerboyz who are SO dedicated to Democrats losing the election in November so that Dem Party Unity Pony stays alive? (Or do I mean so Dem Party Unity Pony dies a horrible death? Um, whateverrr.)

God, they just can't frickin' help themselves, can they?

The Democratic Party is imploding, women are leaving it in droves, men who support Hillary are leaving in droves, and these loudmouth sexist sniggering rabid fratboys just can't shut down their Pieholes of Misogyny Syndrome.

You can get the gist via Corrente, "Well, women are childish. We know this." I'm not linking to them. They just SO suck. AND -- they're destroying the Democratic party and making Karl "Miss Piggy" Rove smile.

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[Here's my prescient post from April 2007, before The Great Purge "Markos Moulitsas Is A Nappy-Headed 'Ho'"]
[And here's Aravosis's own memorable horrible person terrible twos temper tantrum.}

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Anonymous said...

Odd: I'm now hearing a tidal wave of outraged HRC supporters vowing to vote for McCain, or nobody, if she's not the Dem nominee. They would do this, even in the knowledge that they're in effect going to vote AGAINST her & her party. I've heard nothing that egregiously self-destructive from BHO supporters. The distinction is very non-trivial. If enough of them follow through, in enough close races, they may just succeed in carrying out a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Vote in a president who'll gladly help to overturn Roe v. Wade, to show one's opposition to sexism? Only in America.